Request to Developers: Expanding the Map and Further Development of Marriage Character stories

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    Subject: Stardew Valley Overall Game Development Ideas

    My first request is to improve the amount of narrative or heart events or level of interaction with the spouse. For example take them on trips or take them with you through the game or go visit their family and friends with them as a heart event.
    So far I've been hearing that once you get married Sebastian for example no longer does what he used to like go to the bar to play with Sam in their band. Also assuming the spouse's main role seems to be at the farm.
    Also I was hoping for more dialogue and getting to know the spouse as you grow old together.

    I like that this game has similar aspects to the Sims but with more story and unique narrative/style. I wish interacting with the spouse/ significant other was more .. interactive in that you could add like random mood generators so that if you ask about their day - then you know how they are feeling that day. I know that would require more writing... and would make the story more complex but maybe that could be good.

    One thing I felt would make this game the game I was hoping for is if the caves, the forest, the beach and places outside of the Pelican Town were extended with more resources and rare items. I want to be able to go to the city and take Sebastian there on a road trip. I also want to pretend to write a project with him and show his computer screen close up- like a mini game.

    I want to be able to slowly get to know Sebastian's friends like Abigail and play games together- the one mini game that's in stardew valley and have that count toward heart points for both Abigail and Sebastian.

    Also for extending the map near the Wizard's tower have more of a dangerous adventure forest where you find more rare creatures and maybe use the mysterious stuff for it like the solar essences and void essences to make more magical tools.

    I havent gotten very far in the game but can you take the train to different towns perhaps? If there were about 3 towns 1 mountain town, 1 forrest - magical creature town with more exotic forage items, and 1 small market/city place where Shane and Sebastian probably would visit - a place that has like a city scape and you see the Joja Cola head quarters building in the horizon. And you could sell your more exotic items for cash and find more interesting machines that makes the farm more efficient and family raising .. like a school to drop them off to. Or not! Oh just a coffee shop and a few places to hangout like the ball park shane takes you to. or a convention place that opens for a 15th heart event.
    Its all future development stuff that would take time but I think the payoff is worth it.

    I used to play Putt Putt and i love the interactivity. I could imagine people would take Harvey to the coffee shop (it would function like the saloon with some of the characters showing up there once in a while like Sandy or Wizard or any the characters like Penny maybe and Maru- whoever isnt at the Saloon.

    The mining town would have more things to do with all the rare crystals you collect. Maybe you could make more custom tools and furniture or gifts for people. Like a quartz vase or obsidian ring or different weapons and jewelry.

    This feels like enough changes to require a 2 in front of the title but people are probably going to want to keep their progress. I have had so much inspiration about this game since I started it. I think it has even more potential to really envelop the players and immerse them forever into it. lol

    Concerned Ape, I know that's a lot to ask for but I hope you are inspired to expand Stardew's world because I think this is a really great game. All other players here, tell me your thoughts !

    PS also i hope if he does add more updates to the characters that he will make his own official extended story for Clint as a bachelor, since Emily is single. I loved Clint first but was sad to find that he wasn't available to make a relationship with. He's awkward -but relateable and sweet and seems to have a warm personality once you get to know him. And keep his beard!
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