(Request/Help?) Trying to make an Antlers hat. Anyone who actually knows how to sprite wanna help?

Discussion in 'Mods' started by FinalMantasyX, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. FinalMantasyX

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    All my characters usually wear Antlers. So I tried to modify the Daisy hat into antlers.

    It came out...okay, I guess? But hats work really weirdly, they completely cover the character with no layering, so I have to sprite it to match the hair, which is rough. Plus, the daisy persists under the hat, even though I completely removed it from the sprite's files? There's a white smudge on the hat from the front and the character's right side, where the daisy would be.

    Plus, the sprite isn't very good in general. Any ideas? Can anybody help?

    413150_2016-03-06_00001.png 413150_2016-03-06_00002.png 413150_2016-03-06_00003.png 413150_2016-03-06_00004.png

    It actually didn't come out that bad considering I totally winged it.

    Here's my hats.png file. hats..png

    There's clearly no daisy...
    • Yppit

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      Woah man, that is pretty weird. I checked out the file to see for stray pixels but that definitely isn't the deal. I haven't seen anyone else mod any hats yet that don't completely cover the entire hat beforehand. It's possible there's an extra file somewhere in there that has the daisy and it's over riding the hat.
      • FinalMantasyX

        FinalMantasyX Big Damn Hero

        The antlers *did* originally cover the entire area where the flower was and it still appeared, I only modified it to make the hat appear more in the middle of the head. The flower was there still regardless. :\

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