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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by XSlimyZardX, Jun 20, 2019.

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    Been struggling a lot with trying to choose between mods, because i wanted my starbound to be more realistic about jumping height, so tried this mod:
    but the bad side is since I use it with other mods, somehow this mods changes something related to hunger because makes my characters never starve, be always full (without the status condition) or takes forever (close to a hour) to even start dropping a single line of hunger (any race no matter if I use races which Frackin Races has more or less hunger rate)
    I would really appreciate if someone made a different version of this mod :rofl:

    But anyways there is a better version which been made compatible with some other mods I have

    I mean the only thing I want or need is to remove the hunger related things
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    Hey, I modified the version you linked to via google drive. Use the pak file contained within the zip file I attached, instead of the old LMB folder.
    Your character should now get hungry :D

    For anyone who is interested, the reason hunger stopped working was that the author had used a player.config.patch to replace the "statusControllerSettings/stats" object; that would normally be fine, except that he forgot (?) to add the property "foodDelta". Therefore, it (essentially) got deleted, resulting in zero food depletion.
    So, instead of replacing the entire "stats" object, I instead used replace operations on each affected property (maxEnergy, breathDepletionRate, etc.); that way any properties left out would still retain their values, rather than get deleted.

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