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Bug/Issue Reproducible Movement Bug - Walking in the wrong direction after interacting (videos)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tkx, May 17, 2016.

  1. Tkx

    Tkx Space Spelunker

    -- See bottom of this post for videos with an on-screen keyboard that shows the bug much clearer --

    Description: Often when I'm holding the interact key to plant a lot of seeds or use fertilizer on a field, my character will sometimes "lock" his movement direction and act like I'm holding down one of the movement keys until I either press that key again or let go of all movement keys.

    I wasn't sure how to reproduce this bug at first, but the same movement bug happened to me while interacting with a festival shop, which was a lot easier to reproduce for a video. Interestingly enough, I couldn't reproduce the bug using regular shops or other interactables (e.g. scarecrows, chests).

    For the record I'm using a Steam Controller (with the analog stick bound to WASD), but I was able to reproduce the bug at the festival shop using my keyboard as well.

    Steps to reproduce at a festival:
    1) Interact with a festival shop while moving towards it (I used the Egg Festival shop in my tests, and held W)
    2) Release the movement key, and hold another directional key down.
    3) Press Esc or E to close the shop while still holding down the other key.
    4) Keep holding at least one movement key other than the initial key (W) and the character will keep walking in that direction as if it were still being held down.
    4b) Repeat but don't move towards the shop while opening it, and the bug will not occur.

    Steps to reproduce while planting seeds (not 100% producible for me):
    1) Hold down interact button with seeds equipped while walking over large field
    2) Keep holding down interact button while moving around in different directions
    3) Notice if the character continues to walk in a direction after you've let go of that key

    Videos of the bug with on-screen keyboard:

    I can post my system specs too if that is necessary.
    • zrn

      zrn Yeah, You!

      Happens to me, too. I hope he knows about this issue to fix for the next version.
      • ssokolow

        ssokolow Cosmic Narwhal

        I included a link to this in an e-mail I sent where I collected up all of the UI/interaction bugs I'd encountered. (ie. things like "Can't click OK in the museum if there's a donated item under the button")
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