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    Wanna replace your toddler with the cat from chrono trigger? Well now you can!

    Toddler.png Toddler_dark.png Toddler_girl.png Toddler_girl_dark.png
    Boy / Dark Boy / Girl / Dark Girl
    Please don't ask me to do this with the game's cat or dog as those sprites do not fit the toddler sheet.

    Also, if you want this is baby form I couldn't really help much. The chrono trigger sprite sheet doesn't have anything to animate tossing the baby with, and I'm not much for drawing. If someone wants to make it though I'll add it to the post here.

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      tagging to remember this
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        Oh, so awesome! I think it would be possible to pair this with Cats instead of Children to cover both babies and toddlers :)

        EDIT: Seems like there are colors that match, so I managed to pluck the right xnb's from here and there to replace these freaking gremlin kids with some proper kitties. Thank you for saving my playthrough! <3
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