RELEASED Replace Baby and Toddlers with Junimos

Discussion in 'Characters' started by sheetcakeghost, May 16, 2016.

  1. sheetcakeghost

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    Wanna get rid of those useless babies? How about replacing them with even more useless junimos! They putter around your house, make absolutely no noise, and take up space just like a real toddler!

    Comes in four* generic colors!

    New Baby White

    Default Toddler Blue

    Girl Toddler Pink

    Dark Toddler Green​

    Dark Girl Toddler Yellow​

    All modding rules apply! Not compatible with other mods that replace babies! Back up your files!
    *White is not a color.

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    • atomicbee

      atomicbee Master Chief

      I love this idea.
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      • LuthienNightwolf

        LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

        You know, I was *just* about to ask someone to make this - but I see it's already been done, so yay! Maybe now I'll have a reason to say yes when the husband starts asking about babies. >u<
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