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Bug/Issue Repeated character file wipes

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by ToastyCheese, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. ToastyCheese

    ToastyCheese Orbital Explorer

    Hey all, I'm a huge fan of starbound and was very excited to come back after almost a year away to play some more starbound.

    All my old files were gone, which was fine. I understood that likely would happen. So I make a new character and begin to play, about 2 hours in I take a break, come back and my character is gone. Not so big a deal, I can do it again. I make another character and put about 12 hours in with no problems until last night.

    I exited the game as I usually do, took a few hour break, came back and it's gone again. That's a lot of time I put in to this character and I had just finished a farmstead, it was a lot of work. It's gone.

    I have no idea if I can retrieve the files or what happened. I'm not using mods. I honestly want to cry a little bit, that was a lot of work and I'm really frustrated. It's making me really not want to play again and I was so extremely excited to play through all the changes (which so far had seemed so good!) I just really, really don't want to start over and do all this all over again.
  2. Quaxo1

    Quaxo1 Space Hobo

    It may not be saving progress correctly. Try running the game as administrator.
  3. ToastyCheese

    ToastyCheese Orbital Explorer

    Just tried that, sadly did not work. :(

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