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Discussion in 'Mods' started by ninashiki, Mar 5, 2017.

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    I'm not able to repack my dialogue file; it shows this error. I have tried both using only the indivual file and folders; both garner the same error. Sorry if I'm making some kind of really obvious mistake! I've looked everywhere for help on this error but I'm finally having to make a thread. [​IMG]
    • Androxilogin

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      Are you making a responsive dialogue? Aka. #$r 01/02/03 resp_01#hey? Because I've notice with something such as Summer_Wed10# there are some issues. But appending the summer portion got rid of it. It still packaged fine, though.

      [EDIT] just saw the picture (missed it earlier). There is a missing character in your dialogue file, most likely a missing break or end (#$e#; #$b#) to a statement or missing #!String somewhere.
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      • ghomerghamer

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        via the pictures:

        the first error is "main.js:65 throw;e^" that means that the file "main.js" is angry, pertaining to line 65.

        looking at the next error will tell you where it went wrong.
        "cannot read property "valueType" of undefined at WriterResolver.write "writer.js:227:23""

        what that is basically saying (in my limited knowledge of javascript) is that when the file "writer.js" is checking your file "marriagedialogueshane.yaml" against the rules located in "main.js," it is finding an error. usually it is something like what Androxilogin said, a missed "$e" or a missing space next to a "$!String". usually something simple, just a typo.

        however, unless you are actually editing the javascript files that the game uses to compile, you might not get new/added conversation/portraits/selections to take properly, because the game is expecting a certain amount of them. if it sees extra, it can glitch out, causing the file to not compile properly.

        its the same idea as sending a file over the network from one computer to another. the first computer breaks down the file to a format that the network can deal with (just strings of bits, each with a tag). then it sends it through the network to the destination. the destination will then convert the file back to a computer format (say, a jpeg), and by using the tags on the strings of bits, it can check to make sure all of the bits made it there, and are all in the right order. if they arent, it asks for that string of bits again. thats why your computer always hesitates at 99% of sending a file through the network. it is checking with the destination to make sure all of the bits that were supposed to get sent actually got sent. its the same with .yaml files when you re-pack them. XNB Node, or whatever you are using to pack, will take the file "marriagedialogueshane.yaml" and run it against all of those .js (java) files to make sure the .yaml fits the game's structure. if it does, then you get the packed .xnb file. if it doesnt, it will throw the errors that tell you what line of code the error is in.
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