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RELEASED RenTek: Reni's Armory (Discontinued) v1.5.1 Spirited Giraffe

Add Another Set of Unique Equipment to your collection.

  1. Marcfyre

    Marcfyre Phantasmal Quasar

    Where do I craft the stations for the mod? All I can do is craft Rentek Discs, that unlock all the recipies, and a Rentek media station that plays music...
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
  2. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    the "media station" is disabled until fixed, so you shouldn't have that in the first place and if you would be so kind as to not enable access to files you shouldn't be able to obtain, it would be greatly appreciated.

    and if you consult the guide on the overview page or check back on one of the previous update announcements you can find it, but just to make things easier, you can see it below.

  3. Zhikse

    Zhikse Void-Bound Voyager

    I know it's a dumb question, but how I install the mod? Because it's a 7z archive, and I don't know where I have to place it...
  4. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    the same as any other mod, extract the mod folder and Place into the following directory " /Starbound/giraffe_storage/ "
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  5. boostfreak94@

    boostfreak94@ Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey guys, I had this mod on enraged koala, and i'm trying to install on upbeat giraffe but I cant seem to find anything for the mod in game. Holo station disk and stuff. I extracted into giraffe storage mods folder, but I just cant see anything in game. I'm dying to play this mod again, do you guys have any idea what i did wrong? lol
  6. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    there is a short written guide to getting started as well as a slightly more indeth video guide on the mods main/overview page, if that doesn't help and for some reason the recipes are actually non-existent/missing, then let please let us know again and paste a copy of your starbound.txt log file, i think its in the giraffe files folder that we need.[DOUBLEPOST=1427807417][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Edit: Bah stupid merge, always makes things complicated...

    oh horay, the mod icon problem finaly got fix so ours could finally update after waiting a half a year... Or was it longer o-O? Ahh well its fixed and I only just noticed, hahaha
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  7. boostfreak94@

    boostfreak94@ Void-Bound Voyager

    Awesome, its working now. thanks guys :)
  8. f0xh0und696

    f0xh0und696 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i'm just glad this mod was updated, couldn't live without the assortment of awesome weapons.
  9. JustanotherStarbounder

    JustanotherStarbounder Subatomic Cosmonaut

    umm is it normal that the entire mod is not in one folder?
  10. f0xh0und696

    f0xh0und696 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    yeah, i had it the last two times i downloaded this mod, just create a folder named "RenTek Armory" and you'll have no problem.
    and move ALL the mod content to the folder
  11. JustanotherStarbounder

    JustanotherStarbounder Subatomic Cosmonaut

    ok thx :)
  12. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    it took a while and lot of research between the transitions from enraged to upbeat but like you said, horray for an update. And it should all be in the one folder, when you open the rar/zip/7z which ever its compressed in to, you should just beable to drag and drop the first folder and your good to go.

    though Reni compiled it again this time so apologies if set out any other way when extracting.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  13. f0xh0und696

    f0xh0und696 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    its cool I'm used to the folders being here and there, coz of rimworld mods. alot of modders don't even sort out the folders so i have to guess which ones work.
    anyways, cant wait to play this with my avali character. :)
  14. RenTek: Reni

    RenTek: Reni Subatomic Cosmonaut

    H-hey... Oh wait... never mind that was me

    incase anyone is interested... im still working on the Ion Cannon which is taking a long time because i have been trying new methods of creating its projectiles, also the easter season...

    happy easter all, as well ^^
  15. RenTek: Reni

    RenTek: Reni Subatomic Cosmonaut

    kudzoo1 & King Raptorizor, could you please explain what sort of problem you found, this would include things like, Game crashing on start up after adding the mod, item errors/missing items related to the mod, possible mod conflicts, ect. we are only curious to know because we look into all problems and errors that fellow adventures, entrepreneurs, civilians and spatial explorers of all race's and kinds like your selves encounter when using our products.

    reporting a problem with your log file attached is easy, to find your Starbound log file goto the following file Directory: " /Starbound/giraffe_storage/ " find, open, copy and paste the contents of the starbound.txt here in the discussion, Directory and file are as shown below.
    this is much more helpful to us then posting a Review saying "it doesn't work" because that doesn't help anyone and really doesn't help us with making needed adjustments to the mod so that it does work for everyone.
  16. kudzoo1

    kudzoo1 Master Chief

    Sorry bout that. The mod wouldn't even work when I started the game, even after redownloading it and extracting it in my Mods folder.[DOUBLEPOST=1428442204][/DOUBLEPOST]Start logging at: 2015-04-07 11:02:03.854
    [11:02:03.854] Info: Star::Root using bootstrap file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\win32\sbboot.config'
    [11:02:03.854] Info: Star::Root using storage directory 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\'
    [11:02:03.854] Info: Preparing Star::Root...
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'ItA-Tidewater' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\ItA-Tidewater Plus\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Emily Vday Pack' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\emily\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Your Starbound Crew' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\YourStarboundCrew\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Ship-To-Outpost Teleporters' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Ship-To-Outpost Teleporters V0.0\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'digger' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\digger\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'ACCM 1.3' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\ACCM\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Kineptic' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\kineptic\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Pixel Goods Store' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\pgs.modpak'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Mantis' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\mantis\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Vending Machines' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Vending Machines\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Chocolate Biome' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\chocbiome\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'The Black Market' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\The Black Market\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'zBees' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Bees!\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Mecharachnid v0.9 (UG Unstable)' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Mecharachnid v0.92 (UG Unstable)\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'mole_vend' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\mole_vend\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'munari' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\munari\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Prismatic Stars' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Prismatic Stars\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'Easy Ingots' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Easy Ingots v1.2.2.modpak'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'MysteriousStars' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\MysteriousStars_v1.4.2\.'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'LaserDrill' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\LaserDrill.modpak'
    [11:02:03.985] Info: Detected mod 'nephilim' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\nephilim\.'
    [11:02:03.986] Info: Detected mod 'Ore Plants' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Ore Plants+ (RAMs version) v7.3\.'
    [11:02:03.986] Info: Detected mod 'Universal Uncrafter' at '../giraffe_storage/mods\Universal Uncrafter v1.2 (UG)\.'
    [11:02:03.986] Info: Loading Configuration with config file: 'starbound.config'
    [11:02:03.986] Info: Loading Star::Configuration from 'Just (.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config)'
    [11:02:04.198] Info: Writing Star::Configuration to '.\..\giraffe_storage\starbound.config'
    [11:02:04.211] Info: Initializing Star::Root with 25 assets sources
    [11:02:04.211] Info: Done preparing Star::Root.
    [11:02:04.211] Info: Client version 'Beta v. Upbeat Giraffe - Update 2' Protocol: 668
    [11:02:04.211] Info: Initialized SDL
    This is all that showed up.
  17. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    that's quite a few mods, not that there should be an incompatibility (hopefully), but if you don't mind answering a few questions this should give us a general idea of why it wasn't working for you.

    theoretically assuming you didn't, Did you make sure to extract the mod from its contained Zip/Rar/7z folder and into the right directory, " /Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods/ ", you will have to make a folder and name it so i would recommend something like " RenTek_RenisArmory ", which is the folder you would copy the contents from the "RenTek_RenisArmory_UG1.4.1.zip" into, thus your overall directory should look something like this " /Starbound/giraffe_storage/mods/RenTek_RenisArmory ".

    Assuming this was Done, what version of Starbound are you Running, Stable, Unstable or Nightly? i ask because the mod its self is Setup for the Stable version and we do not know how compatible or even if it actually works with the Unstable and Nightly Version downloads.

    when you start the game what does it do exactly? does it have a pop up error window that looks a little something like this http://i.imgur.com/qthXUwP.png?1, does it say nothing at all, does it just show the loading screen in game or does the game load up just fine?, if it only just shows a loading screen how long do you usually let it load for.

    also one other question though it may or may not be irrelevant as i don't know if it makes a difference at all but assuming it does in some way, Windows, Mac or Linux?
  18. Rex Blackbeak

    Rex Blackbeak Ketchup Robot

    ..Well The RenTek Crafting Stations Wont Show Up...
  19. kudzoo1

    kudzoo1 Master Chief

    Thanks! I had to do the folder part and it worked. Thanks for the help! And I'm running Stable on Windows Btw. And it just didn't show up
  20. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    have you tried following our guide on getting started? You need to craft the mods first tier card from your inventorys crafting window then goto an anvil, metalwork stations do not count (yet) so the stations recipes will not appear.

    if its any other cause, please check with the questions in the above quoted post as this may have the solution, if you would kindly please also post your starbound.txt log file that would be greatly appreciated.

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