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RELEASED RenTek: [Delta] Armoury - [Discontinued] [Delta] v1

Only a New PSA... go read.

  1. phoenixoke

    phoenixoke Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Gorgeous Mod Revival.. ah how i wait for this one to be in my game...
  2. Inf_Wolf14

    Inf_Wolf14 Parsec Taste Tester

    So when might we be getting this WIP version? I'm quite eager to see the new stuff. :)
    (I already use a somewhat-updated version of the mod I made myself, so being a "test" version is of no concern to me.)
  3. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    my guess is that it was modified by another... the "last working version" was sometime around august the other year when starbound was still playable for me but even that that was purely broken in all area's and game updates kept creating more error's...

    as for a date?... dunno... i barely got the race files working last night after being out of commission for about 16 hours due to a severe headache, my best guess would be... probably some time after the 12th, today is prep for tomorrows set up, the 48hours i would normally have to work on it over the weekend are taken up for a major 24hour long event expanding across the two days here Downunder in South Aus, monday would be my "crash" day (passing out/sleeping) and the Tuesday my recover day assuming i crash all day long the day prior to if my coffee addict has kicked in... i'll see what i can patch up when i get free time but not alot would get done between now the the 12th while i fight sleep, the bitter cold elements and anything else the weather throws at us...

    im thinking of trying to get it setup on github which might make it easier to update or i could just upload to my google drive which has an easy version update system too... never really had much luck with using github so we'l have to see about that...
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  4. Inf_Wolf14

    Inf_Wolf14 Parsec Taste Tester

    (I meant I was using an old version that I made compatible to date in my free time.)

    I would imagine putting it onto Github would be the best outcome. (That way, more people can contribute and help update the mod. All you would have to do is approve submitted changes.)
    GDrive is always good for its simplicity. I, myself, use Dropbox to update my mods because im too lazy to learn how Github functions. :D

    In any case, good to see you haven't given up. :)
  5. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    every so often in past version's after moving the download off site to say... my mediafire dropbox there was always someone who would complain about not being able to download it, so then i ended up having versions posted to Gdrive and i think jumpshare was another source... though regarding git, that was something that crossed my mind, allowing others to commit and help out and it would be of a big help to me along with getting feed back for current rebuild progress, in the past every so often, even if it was just for a bit of fun or even just patching something to work i would run something by zancuno or he would do the same to me in return and run something by me (regarding his work on the lucario mod) as the extra set of eyes was always a big help.
    (despite the fact im the one who introduced and taught him how to mod starbound ^^; i really need to go wrangle up Reni from where ever he's hiding while i think of it...).

    despite how much time has passed... i could never get away from the ideas that always seemed to flood my mind ^^; it just seems to draw me back in... i just hope i can put those ideas to use in the future ^^
  6. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Supernova

    THANK YOU FOR THIS! You're amazing!

    I feel like it would be a good idea to put this up on github. Asking for help seems like a good idea in this case. Trying to fix it on your own would probably be overwhelming. There are a lot of really kind people on these forums who'd be glad to help. If you put it up on github, I'd watch hours of coding tutorials on YouTube just so I can help. And learn to code.
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  7. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    Amazing?... Me?... I'm flattered, but I'm hardly amazing at all ^^; at most I'm just a badass *in* the gaming world, however you and everyone else that's ever been here are truly the Amazing ones.

    GitHub seems to be the way to go by... pretty much an unquestionable majority vote really, soo ill take a look at setting things up on there when I get the chance, its been a while since I last fiddled with their service.
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  8. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    in other news...

    Current Progress Update:
    -Fixed the Playable Race Species.
    (The Dire, "Dire Wolves", Clones really)
    --still needs to add the pattern effects in color options.
    --thinking of using hair style options for facial features.

    -Patched up The Player Species Ship, mostly.
    (Referred to as the "DuskLight Advance")
    --fixed the Light issues inside the ship.
    --still trying to solve the Strange "Door Sorcery".
    --may still need to tweak blockkey color codes... Related to the doors and walls.
    --fixed a few wall tile issues... Some remain, I think.
    --added platforms that now work as normal.
    --temporarily subbed out Broken TP for basic human.
    -- Ships Teleporter marked as to be fixed, [TBF]

    -modified Species custom Traits.
    --Dire now only feature hp/weight/gravity modifs
    --base Hp lowered to 140 from 150, still a 40% boost to normal)
    --falls 10% faster, is 10% heavier, noticeable when jumping on the spot.
    --takes added +10% fall damage.
    --resistances broken off into separate groups.
    --resistance Perks Referred to as Elemental Affinity.
    --Affinity types include: Physical, fire, ice, electric, poison, shadow.
    --chosen affinity type Alters resistances and immunity's.
    --resistances exceed no more then a 30% de/buff.
    --FrakinUniverse elements like Radiation, Cosmic and Shadow damage accounted for, and compatible.
    --trait options not yet implemented by a choice option [WIP]

    -constructed a Test item for obtaining Fire Affinity...
    --played around with some Lua script... made something happen, but only half worked.
    --broke item script minutes later was on the right track, requires better formatting, [Hopeful]


    -Written a small snippet of Lore.
    --Subjects Involved: 43, 6, 01D.
    --Lore yet to be Implemented.

    --Status of Subject 043 : Unknown.
    --Involvement of S-043 : Unknown.
    --Role of S-043 : Unknown.

    --Status of Subject 006 : Confirmed Deceased.
    --Involvement of S-006: Minimum.
    --Role of S-006 : Unknown.

    --Status of Subject 01D : "Recaptured"?.
    --Involvement of S-01D : Medium.
    --Role of S-01D : Unknown.
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  9. NoryRose

    NoryRose Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Wait, is this compatible with 1.3 now? Or I need to downgrade to older versions? The file inside the folder seems to be structured like the old mods. Or the structure doesn't affect it at all?
  10. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    any existing download links to this mod are well outdated and incompatible with current starbound, mostly, don't use or downloaded them as they would just cause your game to crash.

    I'm currently working on a starbound 1.3 version but its going to be broken up, purely for public testing, ill be making another PSA post when the PATV is available via github, ill also be forwarding the forums download button to open the github page.

    EDIT: Damn it auto correct! changes to AC's interference marked in lighter orange
  11. raven stargazer

    raven stargazer Space Spelunker

    il love to play white the mod bot the game crashing and i dont know way
  12. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    finished the setup for the weekend long event and during the drive home i had a couple ideas to try and oooh this is exciting... because i was right the other night when i said i had a feeling i was on the right track and my idea earlier worked! and so i got some LUA scripting to actually work and as intended too!, at most in the past the only thing i could do was... make objects randomly shout stuff at players... which would work well for... something like "hide and seek" ; interact with an object that a player is using/*hiding inside*, it speaks their name, you get the idea, anyhow now i got this working im just write out the rest of it out... but while im doing that... i present to you... a testing demo, its short, its basic, it works, im happy and don't care anymore about how much of a headache the LUA is... unless i happen to break it some how :wut:

    Anyhow here's the Testing Demo so you can see for your self.

    Health Bonus: +40
    Fall Speed: +5% Faster
    FallDamage: +10% Damage
    Hunger Speed: Slightly faster (i think)

    Element Affinity Traits Stack onto Species Base, but each one cancel's out the other, ONLY ONE Affinity can be Used at a time.

    Health Bonus: +10
    Energy Bonus: +10
    Grit: 0.15
    physical Resistance: +20%
    fire Resistance: -10%
    ice Resistance: +10%
    electric Resistance: -10%
    poison Resistance: +10%
    shadow Resistance: -10%
    radioactive Resistance: +10%
    cosmic Resistance: -10%

    physical Resistance: --
    fire Resistance: +30%
    Fire Status Immunity
    ice Resistance: +10%
    electric Resistance: +10%
    poison Resistance: -20%
    shadow Resistance: -20%
    radioactive Resistance: +10%
    cosmic Resistance: -10%

    physical Resistance: +10%
    fire Resistance: -30%
    Ice Status Immunity
    Ice Slip Immunity
    Snow Slow Immunity
    Slush Slow Immunity
    ice Resistance: -10%
    electric Resistance: +10%
    poison Resistance: --
    shadow Resistance: --
    radioactive Resistance: -10%
    cosmic Resistance: +10%

    Energy Bonus: +20
    physical Resistance: --
    fire Resistance: -10%
    ice Resistance: +10%
    electric Resistance: +30%
    Electric Status Immunity
    poison Resistance: --
    shadow Resistance: -30%
    radioactive Resistance: +10%
    cosmic Resistance: +10%

    physical Resistance: +10%
    fire Resistance: -30%
    ice Resistance: -10%
    electric Resistance: --
    poison Resistance: +30%
    Poison Status Immunity
    Beesting Immunity
    shadow Resistance: +10%
    radioactive Resistance: +10%
    cosmic Resistance: --

    physical Resistance: +10%
    fire Resistance: -10%
    ice Resistance: -10%
    electric Resistance: -10%
    poison Resistance: +10%
    shadow Resistance: +30%
    Erchius Immunity
    radioactive Resistance: +10%
    cosmic Resistance: -20%
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  13. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    assuming im translating this right... *MOD DOESN'T WORK (yet), DON'T DOWNLOAD PAST VERSIONS*
  14. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    i had completely forgot to edit the Wix page which the [Download] button on the mod's main page is linked to... well im happy with the edits to the wix, the problem's there are solved... i think i like Hex more then i like Binary... but i have a feeling little will change there... so this should be interesting to see.
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  15. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    been lucky to get quite a bit of work in on the mod through out the day, surprisingly iv had very few errands to run and tasks to do thought out the first day of the event, good thing i have some iced coffee to fall back on, anyhow while i had the chance i thought i would share a small update on current things regarding species data:

    iv tweaked and redefined the Elemental Perk's, this is also covered in an ingame Codex file... which seems to not want to be found after closing the page... x-x
    modified the starting locker and fixed the weird "door sorcery" that happens on the race ship... for what ever reason the blockkey color codes where not working and caused doors to... vanish, remain locked, become locked after turning unlocked... something like that... also made separate items for each available elemental trait, EACH TRAIT WILL OVERWRITE ANOTHER, so its not possible to merge them.

    the storage locker will contain 1x Traits Console and 1x Traits Codex.
    upon picking up the Codex will toggle a basic/short quest line, this is to just help indicate this is kinda an important thing, you can complete the quest by picking up the Traits Console.
    The traits console will be destroyed if you attempt to pick it up after placing it down, the Traits codex will allow you to Pick and Obtain 1 Elemental Affinity Augmentation Item, you can also obtain the Traits Info Codex for free in the Traits Console Inventory Menu, as said before this Codex contains info regarding each Elemental Option, so pick wisely.

    here's a couple screenshots of how things currently look when starting a new character.


    the player ship can currently be upgraded to Tier5, here are two screenshots of the player Ship, 1 as the first stage and the second at Tier5 (current max), i'f youve seen the previous plans for the "Hub zone" which takes place on the "Starlight Ordinance" you may notice it has a similar design and color pallet, how ever the Starlight is very much unfinished...
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  16. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

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  17. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    *sighs* there's always one... and it seems i found one... ok... first of all... you obviously DID not read my latest notes... and second... don't make Invalid Review due to your own... flaw...

    you know what, everyone who doesn't listen im just gonna add to this list... much easier...

    Ok, so if your being directed here... because you got the following error message from the wix page i setup:
    [Log] Please Report Error Code:: 4920474f542054524f4c4c454421 To File Owner.
    GO BACK! and read the entire PSA announcement, you can read it by Clicking the big Link below... if id didnt give you a link already.


    but to explain what that error message is about, i will make it easier on you and quote myself along with making things that much easier to understand below:

    the Error you encountered is not a real error, just one i wrote to catch people, second of all, you just informed me that YOU DID NOT READ THE LATEST NOTES, as was the point of it being written, and third
    To further Explain your Situation please find a Hexadecimal Code Translator, like this one https://www.qbit.it/lab/hextext.php and enter in the following Given Error Code "4920474f542054524f4c4c454421" into the text box and click the [Decode Hex Code to Text] button... you then have your answer on what to do next other then reading my notes.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
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  18. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    been a long week but were getting there! despite having to do multiple unrelated things at once... busy times suck... anyhow there's been a few minor file tweaks, and soon tobe slight sprite changes and edits, not a lot of major big stuff, and could i get a Shout out and thanks to Inf_Wolf14 for the help they have lent thus far, things should be alot cleaner and smoother for the racial ability's due to their work and written LUA's, which honestly to me its a god send as im sure we all know or would find out that it would just break if it was written by my paws ^^;

    the next few changes might take a bit of time, its not really anything big, just a few changes regarding the ship and so forth but you can track the changes and such ontop of updates over on the github page at: github.com/Dilrax/RenTek-Delta-Armoury we will only be updating the Master file (the one you download) when we have things set in place and good to go!

    but if anyone encounters any problems or errors, Please! let us know by posting a message here in the Discussion! we need all the feedback we can get! and its also just nice ^^
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  19. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    ... ... ... ...
    This... God Damn... Goofy... Smile... after five hours of seeing it...

    i cant keep a straight face anymore when ever i look directly at it... ... ...

    (it's an early Preview for an upcoming Portrait)
  20. Dilrax

    Dilrax Ketchup Robot

    Here's a little test gif of the goofy smiling fox from the preview above, who will hopefully... and eventually, become your New, Best, 'Chiquito Amigo' (Little Friend), this is an enlarged version of a basic talk and smile animation but i do have more reactions and expressions along with smaller versions of the portraits in the works.

    what do you guys think of her so far? like it? don't like it?. oh and i should probably also mention this one has already been name claimed, so sorry to anyone who might have thought about giving this critter a name... ^^;
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