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    With the RentedToolsImproved mod you will be able to get a rental tool from Clint himself when you are upgrading your tools!
    A version of this mod already exists but it had some things in it that I didn't like and I think more people might not like!
    this mod improves that by not always giving you the lowest tier tool as a rental but you will get the tier you are upgrading from this way the rentals don't become useless at later stages in the game!
    Clint will automatically ask you if you want to rent a tool after starting a upgrade!

    1. Install SMAPI
    2. Unzip the downloaded file and move the folder with the contents to the mods folder in your stardew valley folder
    3. Launch game via SMAPI

    This mod already exists as Rented Tools by JarvieK but this one broke with the 1.4 update
    There is an unofficial update by Pathoschild

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