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    I've seen some threads already that have some suggestions I was thinking about, but there's more I'd like to add and bunch it all together here. :)

    I just got back into playing Stardew after it's update to 1.1 and a long hiatus due to my USB mouse no longer working properly with my laptop, and my boyfriend and I were discussing the other day about how the relationship aspect of this game could be more interactive.

    For example, my farmer has a young toddler now with his wife, and all you do is basically pet it once and that's it for the day. My child is not my cat, even though I would love to be able to pet my cat more than once a day as well; despite the blasted thing sleeping in the middle of the hallway to my bedroom when I'm trying to run to the bed before I pass out at 2 am lol. I would like to see more interactions with the children if you choose to have them, like sending them to school with Penny or just playing with them and their toys. More interactions with your partner would be nice as well, and ideas I saw in another thread suggest this idea perfectly.

    Also, those heart events you unlock with the villagers as you progress in the game, some of those I would love to be more than just one-time events. I feel like it would help create a more interactive relationship with villagers aside from just saying hi to them everyday and giving them a gift twice a week. I would looovvveee to be able to play that role-playing game with Sebastian and his crew as like a weekend D&D session, play videogames with Abigail, or even just sit in the library and create random stories from a prompt with Elliott. I'm not sure how easy this would be to program, or if ConcernedApe is already thinking about this, but I would like to see more work done into the relationship aspect of the game. Now that I'm nearly ten hearts with a majority of the villagers, I tend to neglect talking to them unless I pass them on the way to Pierre's or something like that because I'm so busy trying to maintain the farm. A little extra motivation to be social wouldn't hurt I think.
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