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Should Penguin boss be nerfed with less health?

  1. Yes!

    42 vote(s)
  2. No!

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  1. ADerpingPanda

    ADerpingPanda Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Everyone who has beaten it want it to be more difficult, which is something I believe (and I'm pretty sure I speak for a good few people) is unfair to the people who, on their 3rd day of playing this game, are stuck on the penguin boss! Now before people say we're just bad at the game, it's pratictly impossible for us. Either we're one shotted by the ufo, the penguins, or just the surrounding mobs, we can't kill him. Even with the strongest weapon (iron hunting bow) he still takes the worlds supply of arrows and lives. A simple nerf for this boss to make him more of a starter boss, less health, easy as flip. Please
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  2. Lando

    Lando Aquatic Astronaut

    It took three of us and some really creative terraforming to trap the UFO in a snow box and slap it with our crapshute weapons - all of us only died once during our three fights, which I feel is pretty good, but we definitely could NOT solo it with our arrows. IF THE BOSS is meant to be a solo boss, and more of a brawl, I say nerf its health a bit. If it's meant to be more of a puzzle and of a creative nature, I think the fight is easy enough by trapping the minions and the UFO in blocks of ground.
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  3. michealv

    michealv Industrial Terraformer

    I beat him with the (new) snow infantry armor and an iron bow, and about 15 bandages, jesus it took a long time, he wrecked my house in the process (made of obsidian)
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  4. ADerpingPanda

    ADerpingPanda Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Block trapping is no longer an option though Lando, due to his buff in the update :c
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  5. Dynafols

    Dynafols Black Hole Surfer

    No... the problem with the UFO boss is that we have very limited ways to actually harm it other than the bow (which doesn't do much to begin with). I'd say reduced defense would be a better alternative than reduced health.
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  6. ADerpingPanda

    ADerpingPanda Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hmm I guess so
  7. Lavos

    Lavos Orbital Explorer

    If you can manage to drop a bomb on the bosses head it does 500 damage. So unless they changed something that is a very good way to kill him
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  8. Vocal

    Vocal Pangalactic Porcupine

    I say instead of making him float at a level above the player, have him float at a level above the ground.
    That way, you can pulse-jump at him rather than having to rely on jumping from a hill to hit it with dual one- handed swords (which work better on him than two-handed weapons because of how big he is and the fast attacking speed, BTW)

    I mean, the only reason you can't fight it with swords is because he flies too high, and moves out of range when you try to jump (unless he's attacking, that is)
  9. ADerpingPanda

    ADerpingPanda Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Well I beat him today, after realising there are other ranged weapons than the bow :facepalm: i.e. Molotovs and Bombs and Throwing Knives
  10. Izumu

    Izumu Space Hobo

    i beat him after 1 death but he ruined the lab i was using for cover and i had to spam him with arrows for probably 10 mins.
  11. DragonBoyfriends

    DragonBoyfriends Void-Bound Voyager

    I find it really obnoxious and difficult to fight with.
    I really really hope he gets nerfed
  12. dannyhall245

    dannyhall245 Intergalactic Tourist

    i killed my boss by myself , i have a tendency to buils my house upwards in a square i didnt need bandages or anything, all i did was went to my second floor (i had 4 floors) opened the door (ship cant attack you from ths position and shot him through the open door, when he spawns his ships i then charge my bow, open the door and fire at the ship (staying in the same position DONT MOVE!!) then shut the door quickly before the little ships lasers hit me so theres a good way to kill him he did wreck my top floor initially though theres pictures on my steam account of the way the building was made FULLM3TALOUTLAW is my stem name if you want to look hope you all get past it

    just sayin :)
  13. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I don't know if we need it any harder. It seems like some say it's easy, others say it's hard. Maybe they need to strike a better balance somewhere along the line. I think @Dynafols might be on to something.
  14. dannyhall245

    dannyhall245 Intergalactic Tourist

    if im honest its fine the way it is s i said, you have to remember that the ship does try to crush you by coming down, you can change to a heavy hitte and hit it before it goes up again, saying that the time it has closer to ground needs to be extended so you get a better chance to hit
  15. Kexy Knave

    Kexy Knave Cosmic Narwhal

    I voted yes, but I wish I could take it back. Yeah, I'm wearing full iron with iron bow and a etc...
    I also have molotovs, bombs, and javelins. It's a boss, it's supposed to be difficult and force you to think, Personally I don't want another game
    where I just hold down D and my left mouse button until everything is dead/done. Strategy is a wonderful thing, and I'm looking forward to full release
    hearing how players managed to defeat it in new or interesting ways. People will Q.Q but that's just how it is.
  16. Pinchy

    Pinchy Subatomic Cosmonaut

    He should just get stunned when he smashes into the ground. Stronger blocks be harder to destroy with the impact, like Iron being damaged a lot but not destroyed.

    Also if an ally penguin is on the ground under him he won't fire, allowing you to be safe if you are close and fighting one.
  17. dannyhall245

    dannyhall245 Intergalactic Tourist

    hmm i dont think that would work because you would spend most of your time under him unless you manage to do what i said above thus rendering the penguin army pointless, i dont know if they do or dont because im concentrating on the ufo but do they take damage if the ufo hits the ground where they are? if not that would be a good way of balancing it?
  18. OssomSagax

    OssomSagax Cosmic Narwhal

    Here is an idea, go from planet to planet, collecting bombs and guns and throwing knives, when you have at least 8 of each, settle down and build an arena to fight him in, summon and destroy!
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  19. dannyhall245

    dannyhall245 Intergalactic Tourist

    you are right on this one it does say "be prepared" on the job log
  20. QuiteChilly

    QuiteChilly Void-Bound Voyager

    Well you can find the gun seller on a specific planet, and get yourself a level 10 weapon to combat it, so that your damage isn't being reduced do to the armor mechanics. There is an anchor that leads up to a pirate ship where the gun seller/lots of loot is. Be careful not to have a weapon out when going in, though.
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