Regarding Spouses (before marriage and during) - only slightly a suggestion

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  1. pixieNpixels

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    First of all this is more or less my thoughts of marriage and dating before hand. Not necessarily suggestions but take what you want from it.

    I don't recall the name of the book but there is a book you collect for the museum that mentions dating once you give someone a bouquet. Yet, dating doesn't really happen at all. The closest thing to dating is the flower festival... Which, in my humble opinion isn't really enough. I think it would be nice to have a cut scene with that special someone after you give them a bouquet. Then once a month perhaps a date night with that special someone. I chose Sebastian for my first game and I wouldn't mind playing that game with him again, or going out one of those Friday nights and playing pool with him.

    After you do marry them I don't think they should completely change for you. Perhaps this stems from being married in rl for going on 15 years. But, and I am going to use Sebastian for this again, I don't believe Sebastian should completely give up his job. There are plenty of hours after he helps out that he just stands around that could be filled with him on the PC again. I'm not saying I want some of his income, although that would make sense. But if I asked for that then I also believe the other spouses should have employment elsewhere also. I wouldn't mind being able to interact with his game after married and get him to play with me occasionally. I would be happy for him to still go out with Sam on Friday nights and play pool.

    I have yet to celebrate the year mark of marriage but I do believe there should be something signifying the anniversary. As little as being given a special gift that day. To as big as having a date night.
    • Xylia

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      My impression was that CA wanted to get the core experience done, and out as the game had already been delayed multiple times, and some people were losing faith that the game would ever be released.

      CA has already said that stuff like what you mention could be added in future (free!) updates, though suggesting things is always a good idea. The suggestions you have are good, I just wanted to let you know that CA has already said that married life is something he'd like to add to (as well as stuff like divorce), that way you can rest easy that once he's got bugfixes and tweaks done, he'll start on that kinda content next.

      I would have to agree though, that marriage is probably one of the areas of the game that need the most filling in, the rest of the game is rather good, it's just that marriage seems rather bland once you actually get to that part.
      • pixieNpixels

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        I've actually seen a few steam reviews complaining that the game doesn't feel finished and should have been released as an "early release game" or whatever the exact phrasing of it is. I can see the point of this but in all honesty a good programmer is always constantly trying to make the game experience a better one. I like what is being done with the input being received.

        So stating that I knew that things were constantly being worked on. But I will openly admit that I didn't know that marriage was one of them. So ty for informing me of that. :)
        • Xylia

          Xylia Tiy's Beard

          I don't think such complaints are very fair, IMO.

          A). The game has already been delayed countless times and is at least two years past the original expected release date
          B ) . The game already does exactly what it advertises to do.
          C). The game's core experience is more or less complete, it's just the nature of the game's format that you eventually get everything "done" and just go on just to make more money, get a bigger farm, upgrade all of your tools, get every quest done, catch every fish, etc.

          I reckon the same happens in the Harvest Moon games too, that you eventually get to that point where you just... you have everything and did everything you could that playthrough.
          • Lanx12

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            But then we'd put our local Divorce attorny out of business on here :p

            I have to agree tho the game has met and gone past was it was advertised to do but I do like th suggestions and maybe with some hope it'll be added in later but the replay value and differnt ways to approch things will keep the game well alive for a good time. And like you said pretty much the same thing dose happen in harvest moon games you do get to that point where you have everything married everyone and done everything.
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            • Trent

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              The marriage part of the game really doesn't feel finished yet, as Xylia said, we got what was advertised. I don't feel cheated given what I paid for the game but I'm really looking forward to future expansions. The game is selling very well so CA can afford to continue work on Stardew should he choose.
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              • Merry76

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                Edit: I figured out that Leah actually continues to be a character in the game. Maybe the first few days are odd, but she actually began to work on her art again... nice!
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                • Soral

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                  as i understand it, spouses that have 9-to-5 style jobs (ie harvey, penny, etc) do actually continue doing their work unlike seb.
                  • christhekiller

                    christhekiller Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Yeah, Maru continues to go to the clinic ever Tues and Thur, and she'll even stand to the side of our room saying "I hope you don't mind if I work on some of my projects" which is nice (though tbh it feels a bit generic)
                    • Jumboshrimp

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                      Planning to marry Alex, since he doesn't have a job, I guess he'll just be a deadbeat dad. J/K, stay at home dad and help with the farm then. I actually would like a stay at home husband, so I wouldn't mind the option, but a working spouse sounds more dependable in term of RP for me.
                      • millenniumkitten

                        millenniumkitten Space Hobo

                        I was worried that Harvey might not continue his work. I'm only at 7 hearts with him but I'm like "You're the only 'doctor' in this town! This town needs you!" I'm glad to hear he goes back to work ^^
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                        • Xylia

                          Xylia Tiy's Beard

                          He does, occasionally. Well I never tracked him throughout the day, but 1-2 days a week he'll tell me "I gotta go to the clinic today, ok?" and there was rarely a time that I didn't see him somewhere at the farm, though sometimes he was actually not there.

                          But I figure... he can set up some equipment at the farmhouse and a patient can come over there if Maru can't handle it. Not that he has many patients anyways, as he's often seen complaining about. I think George and Evelyn and Lewis are probably his 3 main patients, lol.
                          • Avarwen

                            Avarwen Pangalactic Porcupine

                            Neat idea I think that the characters could get an income and contribute to the farm. As for characters without a job they could work on your farm and later get a partime job at another characters place.
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                            • M.Car

                              M.Car Space Penguin Leader

                              I actually was a little sad he didn't go out with Sam on friday nights too. It felt like he was changing his whole life to only ever talk to me from now on. And you HAVE a copy of the game in your house after you marry him so why COULDN'T you play with him. I'd love a shot at playing it a different way or something.

                              Or getting to play more of those little games with a second 'player' again.

                              Unrelated to either situation, I kinda wish your spouse's listed friends would visit the farm occasionally, or for there to be life event cutscenes that happen after you're married, crises and the like. Examples being an injury while making dinner and having to rush to the clinic, or the spouse being ill and having to spend the day in bed. Perhaps going out to the parents place for dinner on mom/dad/grandma/sister's birthday. Recieving a letter about a cousin passing away, or winning some money in a contest that suits their skills. Buying you a piece of equipment you're either lacking or have a few of as a way to contribute (think like, buying you a new keg, or cheesemaker).

                              I realize a lot of stuff that happens in the house is limited because you get to place things down in the house and modify the layout some, but some spaces are always clear like the doorways, in front of the fridge or your spouse's personal space. Also the bed. The bed is always clear (for the being sick thing.)

                              I agree though, Date Night would be awesome. Also awesome? New Years Eve. I realize there's the Winter Star, but a little sunrise scene would be cute, and it could take place in different areas depending on who you're dating/wed to. Like Alex on the beach, Abby in the cemetery, Leah by the river. It'd for sure make your character a little tired the next morning, and you need a bunch of energy for springtime... but it feels lacking to not celebrate the new year.

                              As an aside, does anybody else feel a little odd not having a birthday for YOUR character? Maybe if you visit the bar on that day all your 5+ friends are there to throw you a party? and you get an invite from your best friend (disregarding your spouse) or the mayor?
                              • christhekiller

                                christhekiller Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                There could be a festival for the return of the (I forgot their names) flying jellyfish things returning for the spring, that could be like a new years type of festival.

                                I said this in another thread but perhaps during character creation you could select a season to have your birthday in. And on your birthday people may send you gifts if they like you, and as you get more and more popular with people they could start throwing parties or festivals for your birthday in the town square.
                                • M.Car

                                  M.Car Space Penguin Leader

                                  I like the idea of the jellies coming back in spring, possibly even on the second or third to give you a couple days to get your springtime crops established. I still kinda want a "dawn of a new year" cutscene like happened in Harvest Moon 64 (the game that made me love these kind of games) Especially if it's flavoured as a family event that you experience with your spouse, children, and possibly your spouse's parents/family.

                                  As for birthdays, getting a gift from Mom (like in Animal Crossing) would be cute to start out, and then yeah as you build friendships you start getting more elaborate parties.
                                  • Hugh_Mann

                                    Hugh_Mann Space Hobo

                                    Just want to add another voice of support for fleshing out marriage. At the moment, I kind of don't want to get married to the character I like (Sebastian, of course) because that would basically remove him from the game as anything more than a sprite and a portrait. While obviously CA has given us more than our money's worth with this game, I do feel like marriage is unfinished at the moment, and I'd love to see it completed - but even beyond that, I feel like it's an area ripe for expansion. So:

                                    1. At the very least, I'd like each marriage candidate to have different lines, and maintain different schedules that suit the character. So Sebastian should still work on the computer, Leah should go for walks and spend some time on her art, and Sam, Abigail and Sebastian should go to the saloon on Friday nights. I think other than bugfixes, this should be a priority - in a game so character focused, deleting a character's personality as soon as you marry them is kind of a major problem.

                                    2. Beyond that, I think it would be nice to give each marriage candidate different bonuses that relate to their skills and passions. So maybe you get a bit of extra money from Sebastian's freelance programming job (or free motorcycle rides to the desert?), Maru occasionally gives you gadgets, Alex gives you energy-restoring sports massages, etc. While it could introduce an element of gameplay strategy to the marriage choice that might undermine the personal aspects, I think it would help to keep the different characters unique.

                                    3. But ideally... I'd like to have some more events with your spouse that can develop their character, so marriage isn't just an end-point for them. I'd especially like it if we could focus on their dreams and goals. Maybe Sebastian feels depressed after finishing up a freelance contract, and asks for advice on what he should do; he could keep looking for freelance work, or he could try making a game on his own - in which case, he'll be happier, but won't make any money for four years, but will then make bank like never before. Maybe characters have to spend some time in the city for work, so you can only talk to them by phone. Or maybe you just talk to them in bed about how they feel about their lives on the farm, and maybe how that contrasts with their dreams before they met you. I'd love to have these little things to make them feel like independent people that you're supporting in their lives as they support you, rather than an accessory to your life on the farm.

                                    (I'd also like it if Sam would come round and play Solarian Chronicles with me and my emo hubby, but one thing at a time.)
                                    • M.Car

                                      M.Car Space Penguin Leader

                                      A big part of the characters not having regular schedules anymore, who watches your kids? I think it'd be neat to have George or Evelyn babysit for you some days while your spouse is off doing their thing. (or something similar)
                                      • DatYandereGirl

                                        DatYandereGirl Big Damn Hero

                                        I would be really really happy if CA improved the marriage system. I find it kinda dull, and a few of my friends I've known for a while via the Internet think so too. I get he is go9nna prolly work on multiplayer, bug fixing, and such first, so I am fine with it for now. If he can make the marriage system way better than Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons, I'll be soooo happy.

                                        A dating system would be lovely as well for both sexes. I'm not sure what can be done or anything, but I'd just like a dating system and then marriage being had. Also, no clue if it's pure luck on when the adoption / being asked about a child is a thing or not. I think being able to somehow just make it come in a season or so would be lovely.

                                        Everything else said so far above is something I agree with too, though.
                                        • Jumboshrimp

                                          Jumboshrimp Cosmic Narwhal

                                          I hope the marriage system gets improved more. I married Alex, but he stay at home all day. I think I should have married Harvey instead since he still runs the clinic. It feels a bit depressing to see the spouse stuck at home all day and tell you to say hi to the villagers for them like they're being trapped there or something.

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