REQUEST Refridgerator expansion mod/stop destroying crops mod

Discussion in 'Mods' started by kakyoin, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. kakyoin

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    Just a few requests for really simple mods - I don't know if they already exist but I would REALLY appreciate them..
    The fridge is simply too small to store every type of ingredient I want to collect and keep on hand.. it would be great if someone could create a mod that adds more slots to the fridge, or maybe adds a fridge upgrade I can purchase or craft via Robin's shop.

    Also I am forever accidentally clicking with my axe and killing crops. It's totally frustrating and pointless. If someone could create a mod that maybe creates a pop-up saying "are you sure you want to do this?" kind of thing or maybe just makes it so it does nothing at all if something is growing there, that would be great.. (maybe the former is better incase someone needs to remove a crop square for design sakes etc).

    I'll add to this if I think of any but these 2 are top of my list right now. Thanks!
    • taintedwheat

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      Extra fridge space is impossible. It would of been one of the first mods made, most heavily downloadeded if that was the case. The sizing is that like that of the chests. And those sizes are hardcoded as well.

      Also...that second idea would be nice but idk if anyone has tried.... for some reason i feel like that mechanic is only linked to buildings...
      • Crystalmir

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        Sorry it doesn't seems possible with SMAPI (I actually tried) because of how the type Chest has an hardcoded max capacity of 36 when taking item into a chest. I was able to use SMAPI to display more than 36 slots in the menu, but again, because of the hard-coded limitation that's useless.

        Technical explanation:
        1. The player fridge is a type of Chest obtained throught FarmHouse.fridge
        2. Chest.addItem has an hardcoded limitation of 36 slots after which it prevent you from adding the item to the chest.
        3. SMAPI has provided no way to change this limitation.
        4. If you wanted it anyway you'd need a custom stardew EXE which wouldn't work with any other mods and which would only be savegames compatible with itself.
        => It also mean that there is only one fridge at the farmhouse.
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        • Crystalmir

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