Recovery of lost Museum Rewards

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  1. Hello.

    Sorry if this is a stupid idea but here's a suggestion that I feel should be in the game.

    Now I'm sure many of you know the rewards given to you by Gunther after artifact thresholds (like the Singing Stone, The two paintings, and rarecrows #7 and #8)

    Well if you lose these items right now, they are gone forever!

    For the rarecrows in particular, you place those outside which is all well and good, but recently I have lost the eighth one and I have no idea what happened to it (storm maybe) but it's gone forever (and I'm on console so no mods for me and I didn't notice until year 3)

    And I'm not the only one who lost it like that either as I have read a few accounts of the same thing happening,both on these forums an drew on Reddit, it seems WAY to easy to just lose something like this forever and have absolutely no way of getting it back if you save.

    So one idea I suggest is some way of retrieving it, only after you have "obtained" it before (in thinking it would check if you reached the threshold of artifacts/minerals and maybe have someone sell it back or have a lost and found box, only after you obtain them the first time, similar to the sword.

    I'm not entirely sure on the details sadly but I'm just throwing this out there and trying to look out for people who can't mod.

    tl;dr: A way of retrieving museum rewards from Gunther if lost in a freak accident.
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    • SalixTree

      SalixTree Void-Bound Voyager

      YES! My cute little racoon rarecrow (#7) went missing one day because a weed grew where I had it standing! How does a weed destroy a rarecrow? Very upsetting! And no way of getting another one .
      So, yes, I agree, please make it available to buy once we have been rewarded this.
      • Smallcorners

        Smallcorners Subatomic Cosmonaut

        Perhaps on the traveling merchant?

        Now, if lightning, weeds, and villagers can poof placed items, maybe I should drop my old fishing rod, and those slingshots, in their paths!

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