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    Crusaders just lost the ability to add overheal to their sanctuary damage.
    This resulted the only ability that could come somewhat close to the other classes damage- an ability that could do 2x your overheal + base damage, which was basically a decent nuke vs undead enemies and normal enemies if you could put wrath on an enemy. However, it was basically the cleric's only decent damage dealer. Now, all other classes (except the fighter) excel at healing, and the fighter excels at what the crusader should be good at- tanking.
    Basically what I'm saying is, the crusader has become useful for three skills- and one of them doesn't require the cleric to do anything. The Blessed Touch, Divine Blade and the Holy Shield abilities.
    In addition to this, all three skills require the player to be fairly far in the game- at least reaching level 15.
    Having a crusader in the party will still be essential for reviving members and getting rid of 5 minute poisons.

    What's the problem?
    Cooldowns are very long for skills that are currently only useful for utility. Some abilities (now that the crusader has no abilities which deal damage even close to that of other classes) don't have any utility.

    Sanctuary (Cooldown ~4 seconds) does not a lot of damage- 100-200 base damage. Knocks back enemies. Suggested change? Lower cooldown by a second. If changes to other skills are made, this is probably not needed.

    Blessed touch (Cooldown ~17 seconds) does a decent amount of healing of 1500, removes debuffs and fully regenerates stamina. Revives a player with only base HP. Suggested change? Add a short immunity to status debuffs after being affected by the skill- like 5 seconds. Then, either lower cooldown by 5, or increase amount healed (maybe heal by percentage of max hp, rather than a number? Such as heal 75% max HP?) Possibly put enemies in the radius of Blessed Touch to sleep? Lower the cooldown to 12 seconds. The alchemist can currently heal more than the Crusader. (500 burst, 1500 over time)

    Angel breath (Cooldown ~4 seconds) does basically no healing (in most cases, anyone with over 1000 HP will regenerate that HP in no more than a second, and anyone with HP below 1000 will probably be one shot.) Suggested change? Make a way of allowing the crusader to effectively hit decent numbers on multiple enemies- Angel breath should put Wrath on all enemies hit by it. Another possibility is that Angel breath could have it's healing capabilities amplified- perhaps heal 700 HP (200, 450, 700), and additionally the ability to heal self, then remove the healing of Blessed Touch. This skill currently has almost no utility whatsoever.

    Divine hammer (Cooldown ~5 seconds) does essentially no damage, with a very long cooldown.
    Don't change this ability. It'll be nice to have one ability that can be used to troll the other classes by throwing the hammer into a spawned group of enemies, scattering them out and aggroing them while dealing no damage, making the other classes have to pick them off one by one.
    Ok, maybe change the ability a bit. Divine hammer should aggro all enemies hit on the crusader for a set amount of time- perhaps 3 seconds before their usual AI kicks in. This would allow the crusader to save allies having trouble with multiple enemies, or draw enemies together for the AOE abilities of the other classes which actually deal damage. (If the crusader wants to take care of the enemies him/herself, then it would work well with angel breath to wrath the enemies which are now grouped.)

    Holy Shield (Cooldown ~7 seconds, lasts ~3.5 seconds) Shields the party from all physical damage (not debuffs).
    Suggested change? NERF IT. It currently only takes 2 crusaders to make the entire party permanently invulnerable. Getting the adrenaline buff from the Angel statue basically makes the shield duration nearly as long as the cooldown itself. The ability should have at least a 10 second cooldown.

    I highlighted what I think would be changes to make the crusader more genuinely unique, rather than being unique in the way that the crusader is uniquely a revivebot.

    I feel like while these suggestions may be disagreed with, the class should be more than running around spamming Holy Shield and the occasional Blessed Touch.

    Fighter role- Potential highest damage dealer under the proper conditions, but close range. Excels very well in single target damage and stuns. Has little to no crowd control. (Warcry can slow enemies) Can be very tanky, at the cost of some damage. (High skill damage, high attack speed. Close range.) Endgame builds are glass cannon or medium damage/tank.

    Sorcerer role- Second to fighter damage, but with some crowd control and support. Can be very squishy. Building for tank would mean that sorcerer would be doing basically no damage- relies on equips for damage since the base damage of skills are fairly low, but have low cooldowns. (Low skill damage, high attack speed. Long range.) Endgame builds are glass cannon or crowd control/tank.

    Assassin role- Best end game damage with Death Strike. Excels at crowd control, backstab and some healing. Also has a support capability by using poison blade, which poisons basically every attack dealt by the assassin. Can go into stealth, and has potential at being tanky at the cost of a large portion of damage. (High skill damage, medium attack speed. Mostly close ranged AOE abilities, but shurikens allow the assassin to hit enemies at a distance.) Endgame builds are either glass cannon or crowd control/tank.

    Crusader role- Boosts damage of party by a fair amount, can do a decent amount of healing. Currently used basically for reviving and invulnerability from holy shield. No crowd control ability whatsoever. Barely holds a candle to the other classes in terms of damage. Can be fairly tanky, although there's really no point in building any damage on a crusader right now. (Low skill damage, low attack speed. Hammer allows cleric to hit enemies at a distance.) Endgame build is tank, although augmenting all elementals allow the crusader to CC, at the cost of survivability.

    Note: This is how I see the crusader right now, and I might just be seeing the crusader from a biased point of view. Some other input would be nice.
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      Crusader needs a lot of balances.

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