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    Hello there !

    I'm the Clan Leader and founder of " red Devils - Multigaming Clan " ! The clan born in the 2002 on Unreal Tournament 2003 - after long time playing on Unreal Tournament 99, me and some mates, decided then to finally set-up for real a Clan ( we were playing just as an unnamed group ) !

    We play mainly FPS Arena / Classic FPS and our experience on those kind of games is quite wide ! For example, some games we have played ( competitive scene or for fun only or both ! ) : Wolfenstein Enemy Territory ; Battlefield 1942 ; Battlefield 2 ; Battlefield Bad Company 2 ; Call of Duty 1 / 2 ; Quake 3 Arena ; Unreal Tournament 3 ; Brink ; Left 4 Dead ; Medal of Honor Allied Assault ; Red Orchestra 2 ; Battlefield 3 ; Brothers in Arms ; Bloodline Champions ; DotA ; Heroes of Newerth ; Ravaged ; Rekoil ; Titanfall and many other games ( and genres, like mmo / rpg )!

    Our clan atm is formed only by 18+ years players, so no one is under 18 ! We are all Italian ( but in the first years of activity I've played with EU players from all-over the countries - the actual members are new and they never met the Old lineups in the various FPS played, i know them for 3 years now ) !

    While we waiting Starbound, we are playing Terraria ( hype for the upcoming new patch ) and having load of fun there. We decided then to start recruit some new players for Starbound and have our Fun / PvE / PvP section !

    If the Dedicated Servers will be Rentable from the providers ( like Gamehosting - ita but with the possibility to host it in Germany - we will chose this like the other Servers we have rented ), we will get one asap and write down the Rules for it !

    After this short descrption about us and who we are, lets go for the Recruitments rules and info.

    - Country : the recruitments priority is for Italians ( ITA ) only

    - Age : must have 18 years old to be recruited ( 17 y old can apply too ). This rule was made due some kind of problems we had in the past with younger people. If you don't have 18 years, but you are not a Troll / typical nee-to-grow-kid, so you have an appropriate mature language / thinking, please apply anyway or contact me with PM here on the forum !

    - Activity : if you get recruited you will need to be active, partecipating with the Clan events and stuff ( like PvP, PvE, exploration etc etc ). We don't force players to be online 24h and 7 days on 7, but we like to see those people getting this seriously, not like " ok i join " then you don't come online or you come every time a pope dies ( don't know what's the right traduction of it ahah ) OR you don't show up when you gief us the " Ok " when we will ask you to partecipate in a pre-fixed day and time event ! ( if you know what i'm meaning ^^ )

    - Private Dedicated Server : If we get 10 or more players, we will get a Dedicated Server, costs of the annual subscription will be split with all the members that will play Starbound.

    - Starbound Races : we don't have Races restrictions, you can choose whatever you like to be

    - Behavior / Conduct / Cheating : we don't tollerate any trolling / flaming stuff, so if we catch you up doing this, you will get instantly kicked out, 1 time warning. If you have some kind of problems or stuff with someone, you will need to contact me first !

    - Days of Playing : like other games, we play " official " stuff from Monday to Thursday, weekends are free of charge, but if someone is online you will be able anyway to organize. So the main activity is within the first 4 days of the week, we will arrange events and ask you if you can catch up us and join ! Otherwise, next time ! In less words : you need to be available from Monday to Thursday ! ( this is chained with the Activity rule )

    - Gameplay Style Focus : we will play both PvP and PvE in Starbound. PvP will have the priority, get ready for mass planet invasions ( I've got some rules in my mind for doing that and to be the more funny as possible ) !

    - Contacts : You will need to send me with a PM your Steam ID in order to add you and have a first-contact with you. Or just type it down here within your Apply Post !

    - Website : http://reddevilsclan.altervista.org ( not updated )

    - Steam Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/reddevilsmultigamingclan

    - Facebook Page ( ITA ) : https://www.facebook.com/RedDevilsMultigamingClan/


    We will play with those Featured Mods in our sessions / dedicated server :

    - Frackin' Universe

    - AnTiHair

    - Colorbound ( optional )


    - Actual Confirmed members ( rest of the crew still need to pre-order OR i need to ask if they will get it ) :

    Psygnosis : Clan Leader / Founder
    Ubija : Co-Leader
    Skruw : Member
    Astroke : Member
    Dark83 : Member
    Supersonics : Member
    Llednar : Member
    Sniper Maggot : Member
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