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Random Generated Quests

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Lazy Joe, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Lazy Joe

    Lazy Joe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    So a lot of random npc quests describe the location quite specific.

    Like if you are on a lush planet, the mine shaft sure will become a popular location for a lot of quests.

    So here are something i have been wondering about, maybe the devs or people who have tested it can enlight me.

    Lets say what if the landmark is changed? For example if a quest says "at the flooded ruin", and i tear off the wall, remove the water, maybe basically flatten the whole area OR fill it with 1000s of dirt blocks. Will there still be quests pointing to that location?

    Another question would be, can a barren planet have such npc quests?
  2. Oberic

    Oberic Ketchup Robot

    I had/have a colony buried deep in a vanilla moon (still holding onto some tier 10 weapons. heheh), the colonists never asked me to go to any locations, ever.
    Unless Barren planets have structures underground (they do in Frackin' Universe, I never dug down in vanilla), you should only get "take this note to X" and "take these seeds and grow stuff" types of quests. I think.
  3. SamuriFerret

    SamuriFerret Tallest Artist Chucklefish

    Behind the curtain, this works by having structures, like dungeons and microdungeons, having designated named areas that a quest can point to. If you break any blocks in that area, it is no longer usable for quests since the space might not be suitable for placing NPCs. Barren planets (as far as I'm aware!) don't spawn with any particular structures so quests generated there can't be anything that involves a specific location.
  4. Lazy Joe

    Lazy Joe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    OK, too bad though, I am relying on the npc's random hostage/escort quest to farm crew members of a specific race, since a human npc will only give you quests that bring in other humans, i'm using this to determine which npcs i can add to my colony without having to go out and hunt for settlements, because of access violation error crashing the game randomly (pretty much only when im running in an avian town).

    So since barren planet wont have any landmarks, there wont be any quests that ask me to bring back new NPCs from a location :(

    But i guess this also means we can eliminate undesired quests locations >:D

    For example if I set up a settlement near the mineshaft and destroy all other possible locations, the mineshaft will become the only place left to do the quest? In theory at least, gonna test it, find out what it takes to make a location to become invalid.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017

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