Random Events into space, gas fuel, more interaction!

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  1. Kurenaiz

    Kurenaiz Space Hobo

    1. Explore gaseous nebulas and giant with my spacecraft to collect fuel.
    It is inevitable the presence of more fuel in the future, but there goes my idea, gas collector to collect the fuel present in nebulas and gas giants, the fuel can put in a special compartment of the ship.

    2. Space jumps just put the player in the system and it has to define what planet plans to go WITHOUT SPACE JUMPS with a certain time to reach, and be able to stop his ship during the trip.
    The interaction of the player with the ship is basically sit in the chair and set a destination, the ship is all automatic. Now, imagine you, in the middle of a trip, you are still sitting in the chair watching those codes and one of those fans will flash red, you know that something is wrong with your ship, you pass through a similar room with that in the underwater city, you sticks out of your ship attached to a rope, with a special outfit and your analyzer and start look around, you see that your right cooler was damaged and stay a little longer will have blown up and you would have to call the penguin or bought a new one, you fix, follows the journey.
    program used on this perfect montage, paint.

    About the time of arrival on the planet, five minutes of waiting is already enough to load and is short, with the exception of the moons of the planets that may be the load time. Imagine how long it would add to gameplay and it would be so cool, and to play well with the trip, put other ships pair with your giving you a few seconds to stop your ship, if you stop they also stop and you can enter.

    3. New features, new upgrades!
    With These new features the door to what I most love in games is open, Which are visual upgrades, you know those upgrades that you press a button appears on the screen that the base received an upgrade, you visit your base, nothing changes, only increases defense in statistics and stuff. I Hate this, do not do this.
    Now you can to upgrade in their turbines to shorten the travel time (changing the look, and please not only the color)
    Now you can buy many useful things such as alarms, when his ship break it start beeping, this will cause the player does not have to be sitting in the chair watching if you ship will break.
    Now you can improve your gas fuel reservoir (normal fuel already past time to be able to increase capacity).

    This are my suggestions, I was tired of meteor rain, acid rain, fire rain, rain...
    and I decided to come here to give opinions and some other phenomena and ideas that I think add much in the experience of all players.

    Inglish is not my first language, correct me.
    this post is subject to change as I have more ideas, thank you.​
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