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  1. NaniRoxy

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    Who doesn't like dragons? Nothing is more comforting to me then raising the little guy from a small hatchling to a powerful beast. Imagine digging deep underground and after a long day seeing a chest down the tunnel. After peeking inside, you see a shiny colored dragon egg! What will hatch? What abilities will it have?


    After hatching the bugger, possibly from trying to cook a nice breakfast, the little reptile wont stop following you. Acting as most pets you can capture, they will follow you around, helping to fight enemies or to simply keep you company as you mine deep down. At first, it will be young and weak and you'll have to help protect it. After fighting off a few enemies it will grow into a bigger companion! With around 4 evolution levels, you'll soon notice differences between the colors your friends might have. Tommy's Brown dragon doesn't have wings and is stubby, while Lexy's white one is thin like a snake. Different kinds have different abilities that can help you as you explore the universe!


    I hope I structured this right or posted it in the correct place. I've never suggested anything before and this is something I've wanted for a while. If not as an addition, I would still love to see a mod of it. If there's anything else I should add let me know! Here's a few sketches.

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  2. AlphaShadow

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    10/10 WOULD PLAY WITH, please someone do this
  3. Boneslord

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    Would be a nice add-on.
  4. Hawk Novablast

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    That would be awesome. Maybe a super rare 'Star Dragon' that has a fifth optional evolution level allowing you to use it as a spaceship :p
  5. Boneslord

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    Also I noticed that this dosen't really fit in a sci-fi game so maybe change the dragon appearence or do something else.
    (Also I wonder how the egg will be underground....)

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