RELEASED Rainy Days Mod Replacement

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Just to see if anyone sees my mod but doesn't comment

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  1. BritneyMc0206

    BritneyMc0206 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Finally updated! & switched it to SMAPI aswell! A lot easier than I thought it'd be.
    Thank you to everyone who not only was patient, but was helpful in me realizing some new tools to update this.

    Known Issues/Looking Into
    Apparently it wasn't properly compressed before. Hopefully that issue is fixed now. If not, please leave a comment or bug report & I'll do my best to fix it. I may not seem active on here, but I do check in to see how things are goin from time to time. :3

    Got permission from Adam Haynes to use his song in a music/sound mod. This just adds his song to Rainy Days. Nothing else.

    If any problems occur, please let me know.
    Please be aware this is my VERY 1st attempt at a SMAPI mod, my 2nd attempt a mod in general, & a sound mod at that (not easy, is what I mean). It will take time to fix any problems while I'm still learning about it.

    In respect to Adam Haynes, please get his permission before including this mod in a mod pack or using it in another mod. It's not my song to give permission to use.
    I claim no ownership of anything in this mod. I simply wanted a song for the Rainy Days.

    I hope everybody else enjoys this song as much as I have.​
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