Rail platforms are a bit rude... (Minor annoyances with them)

Discussion in 'Other' started by Nexusuxen, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Nexusuxen

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    I've found that I have probably died more times to falling off rail platforms (for several different reasons) than actually being mauled or accidentally falling into a planet's core that one time and losing everything (still a lil' salty)

    So I only have ever really used rails once and that's for an elevator from the surface to a sweet underground bunker I've made, so it's a long straight elevator shaft. Very long drop, lethal if you fall in (even with durasteel armor) This poses issues when rail platforms decide to be annoying, for several reasons:

    Firstly, I use buttons to activate my elevator, so naturally I just put my mouse in the general direction of the button and press "E". However, as a rail platform is also interactable, I sometimes accidentally pick it up instead, plummeting to my death. This can be fixed with platforms that raises another issue!

    Second, rail platforms sometimes refuse to lift you up if you're standing on a platform, and you have to stand in just the right spot. Not very lethal but still incredibly annoying.

    Lastly, if I walk to the very edge of the platform (Mind you the elevator shaft is 5 tiles wide, and so is the platform) I fall off. This means that you can fall off right before you reach the top of the elevator shaft and fall to your death.

    This just bothered me since rail platforms are really useful and just cool in general but these issues are very annoying. Not vital to fix but if a developer wants to patch them up, that'd be great (If enough people are irked by this as well)

    Still, great game and a few elevator-related mishaps won't stop me from playing the game and totally not ignoring the story line as I build a second bunker at the bottom of an irradiated ocean.
  2. Jerln

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    I agree with the issue of the moving platforms being picked up by interacting with them, but your other problems sound like they could be fixed by not building static platforms in the path of the elevator.
  3. BreakingForce

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    you could also try the graviton elevators mod, for another way to do what you want. http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/graviton-elevators.3534/

    edit: or, you could dig a pit below where you want to end, and fill it with water so you at least have a soft landing at the bottom if you do fall.

    or, disregard elevators entirely, and use a water-filled shaft and airlocks to traverse vertically.

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