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Bug/Issue Rail lifts bugging out?

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Ablekaine, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Ablekaine

    Ablekaine Big Damn Hero

    Lifts/rails since 1.0 having been giving me problems, and I try to keep them simple, but today I lost it.

    I made a four-level crane with side-by-side rail lifts on it, operated with stops and buttons.

    The first problem I ran into was at the second floor's stopper, the platform would not stop, and kept going. It appeared the tiny wall button I was using to send an impulse was still sending an impulse by the time the platform reached the stopper, so I increased the distance between the floors to 18 blocks in between, so the impulse would have worn out.

    Everything seemed fine until I completed the structure, and attempted to run it. As you can see, the platforms on each side start at top and bottom and each time a button is pressed at each level, alternate up and down opposite directions, until they have switched positions. However, they randomly bug with the two following problems:

    #1 - Occasionally, the platform will skip stopper 1 from the top or bottom, same problem as if the impulse is still being sent-but it does this randomly, not every time. The next few button impulses are fine, but of course this messes up the syncrony of the platforms.

    #2 - Occasionally, when reaching the bottom, the platforms simply drop off the rail at the stopper, instead of stopping on the stopper. Again, happens randomly, not every time.

    ....Chucklefish please fix?

    Edit: It appears problem #2 is an offshoot of #1, in that when the rail reaches the bottom, it is still receiving impulse and tries to go, falling off. Also, I suspect the random extra long impulses may be due to lag, I am hosting multiplayer.
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