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RELEASED Racially Appropriate Ship Backgrounds 1.02 for 1.3

Better default backgrounds for your ship, based on race. - Cheerful Giraffe Compatible

  1. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

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  2. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    hungry hungry hippo!

    now this is a sweet mod, adds that tiny but VERY important bit o flavour to the mix! well done!
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  3. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

    If theres a way to do this though the patch system, modsize would shink dramatically.
    As is, mod is just the respective races modified blockkey.config files.

    Thanks :D that's what I was going for.

    Some of the names in the example pics are .. different.o_O
  4. greenRAM

    greenRAM Giant Laser Beams

    Don't know if patches are possible yet with blockkey.config files. It may just be a limitation with this mod until the game updates with fixes for the patch limitations. For now, since I'm using a custom ship for my humans, I unpacked your mod, deleted your human folder and then changed the custom ship's blockkey.config by copy/pasting your changes. It's a little bit of extra work to make it compatable, but its worth it.
  5. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

    Which ship is it? I'm looking into the patching, but so far it looks like I'll need to modify using array position, since the sub-elements are unnamed.

    This should work as long as the custom blockfile doesnt change the order (note the /_#_/ in path)
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/3/backgroundMat","value" : "wallpaper"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/4/backgroundMat","value" : "wallpaper"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/5/backgroundMat","value" : "wallpaper"},
    Full vanilla Human ship patch: (I can't see anywhere element 33 is actually used, heh)
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/3/backgroundMat","value" : "wallpaper"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/4/backgroundMat","value" : "wallpaper"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/5/backgroundMat","value" : "wallpaper"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/6/backgroundMat","value" : "wallpaper"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/10/backgroundMat","value" : "baseboard"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/11/backgroundMat","value" : "baseboard"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/12/backgroundMat","value" : "baseboard"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/16/backgroundMat","value" : "baseboard"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/17/backgroundMat","value" : "baseboard"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/29/backgroundMat","value" : "wallpaper"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/30/backgroundMat","value" : "baseboard"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/31/backgroundMat","value" : "woodpanelling"},
    {"op" : "replace","path" : "/blockKey/33/backgroundMat","value" : "baseboard"}

    hmm doesn't actually work :/ need to fix heh
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  6. greenRAM

    greenRAM Giant Laser Beams

    I see. So, that's how that works. Neat.
  7. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat


    While technically correct, Starbound doesn't seem to actually apply the patch file to blockkey.config. :mad::facepalm:
    If I can find where to post, will be reporting this as a bug.
    Even when a deliberate 'crash to title' error was in patch, file was ignored
  8. Dekadrachm

    Dekadrachm Heliosphere

    Very neat, makes a pretty big difference even though its a small edit. Great work!
  9. greenRAM

    greenRAM Giant Laser Beams

    Yeah, I ran into that problem earlier, but I hoped it was fixed by now. O well.

    The ship I was talking about earlier was one I'm working on. Do you mind if I use your edits in it? Or rather, I suppose I'm uploading it now, but I'll remove the edits later if I don't end up getting permission. :rofl:
  10. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

    go for it.
  11. Vegetable Lamb

    Vegetable Lamb Existential Complex

    Great job! It would be nice if these were individual so people could pick which ones they wanted to use.
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  12. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

    could do that possibly.

    here is the unpaked zipped modfolder .
    apex is missing, since I didn't change it at all, felt no need to include it in mod

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  13. DemonicLucario

    DemonicLucario Orbital Explorer

    can you add compatibility for the Avalii mod?
  14. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

    Probably easy to do, I'd imagine it's the Avali triaged mod? http://community.playstarbound.com/resources/avali-triage.2852/
    I may take a look at this (I don't use mod races normally, none since Koala versions)

    If you want to 'roll your own' heres what you'd need to change in a races "ships/[racename]/blockkey.config":
    "apexshipwall" - the light grey wall areas - called 'Wall Panel' in game
    "apexshipsupport" - the vertical dark grey border areas - called 'Ship Support' in game
    "apexshipdetails" - the horizontal dark grey border areas- called 'Metal object'

    for example, the changes for the florans are:
    apexshipwall -> hive
    apexshipsupport -> vine
    apexshipdetails -> plantblock

    When you find some blocks that you think would work well, put them in inventory, open char with Starcheat, and get item name of the blocks..
    then use that name in place of the apexship* names
  15. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

  16. NexusTheBrony

    NexusTheBrony Spaceman Spiff

    [​IMG] the hive block doesn't match any of the floran walls...
  17. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

    it used to be green and look different, i just never changed it after hive became a separate biome and block changed
    could change it to 'petalblock' or 'floweryblock' in the file, or paint the hiveblock green
  18. NexusTheBrony

    NexusTheBrony Spaceman Spiff

    i just used green-painted moonstone (id:moonstone, not others if there r others)
  19. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

  20. Anonfox123

    Anonfox123 Pangalactic Porcupine

    Does this apply once I upgrade a ship? I'm considering getting the mod then doing that to be able to have the new background, as I don't think this will magically change my existing BG for the starter ship...

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