Racial Hoverbikes

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Who wants racial hoverbikes?!

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  1. Brockster17

    Brockster17 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I was thinking that maybe because there are unfinished human, apex, and glitch mechs, maybe there should be racial hoverbikes, so here are some ideas for them.

    Apex Hoverbike
    -is a black board with a white sphere on front and back
    -is fast
    -has a mounted turret on back sphere

    Floran Hoverbike (idk how this is even possible:nurushock:)
    -like apex hoverbike but much curvier and has thorned vines around it and there Is a spearhead on front
    -enemies it collides with from front take damage depending on speed
    -has MUCH less health
    -much slower

    Avian Hoverbike
    -looks like a mini version of tier 1 avian ship
    -goes a little slower than normal hoverbike
    -jumps noticeably higher

    Human Hoverbike
    -no new hoverbike, just khaki, red, and green hoverbikes are human ones (including colored modded ones)

    Glitch hoverbike
    -looks like a metallic/cloth horse with red and white swirly-patterned spear on side that, on left click, flings forward
    -a little faster than normal hoverbike

    Hylotl Hoverbike
    -Looks like Apex hoverbike but it made of durasteel
    -can basically fly like a spaceship when underwater
    -grants the effects of a breathing EPP to rider

    Novakid Hoverbike
    -looks like a small old-fashioned steam train without wheels
    -has the option to move over platforms
    -cannot jump-extremely fast on flat land;When it goes up or down even one block it loses tons of speed.

    -EXTRA- (these hoverbikes are purely optional and chucklefish probably wont implement these)

    Avali Hoverbike
    -like apex hoverbike but orange
    -has wings (decorative)
    -can jump higher, and when it jumps, it falls slowly and depending on active leg tech, can jump 1 or three times. If you have rocket jump or wall jump equipped, you cannot jump again.

    Felin Hoverbike
    -looks like normal hoverbike
    -usually grey
    -bottom of bike fades to white
    -hat cat tail the same color of body, and end of tail is same color as bottom of bike

    I hope you enjoyed looking at these suggestions. If you are reading this chucklefish, PLEASE PUT THESE IN STARBOUND!! :nuruhype::party:
  2. OrionGalaxy

    OrionGalaxy Master Chief

    There is a mod for this on the steam workshop.
  3. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    Only if the Hoverbikes become craftable items, as, currently, the Hoverbikes look like they were designed by Penguins, as they fit their design scheme (At least, when compared to their tanks).

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