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Outdated Racial Crossover Mod v1.0 Of Mice and Goats

Allows modded races to talk with each other. 10 races and counting!

  1. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    CaptainKobold submitted a new mod:

    Racial Crossover Mod - Allows modded races to talk with each other.

    Racial Crossover
    Improving Intergalactic Communication Since 2014

    As it currently stands, most race mods include the ability to talk with the core races, but do not allow communication between themselves and other races. The purpose of this mod is to provide an easily downloaded community run mod that changes this.

    • Adds over 150 lines of speech to modded NPCs.
    • Integrates supported races regardless of how many you have.
    • Villager dialogue for Greys, Kobolds, Reptans, and Varans.

    Simply unzip into your mods folder!

    The Races:

    The Greys:
    A grey skinned, large headed race based on the classic "grey alien" abduction story.
    The Kobolds:
    Silly, cute, but ultimately fierce hunters with a love of dance and nose nuzzling.

    The Reptan:
    Frilled reptiles who hold to warmth and family in this cold universe.

    Desert dwelling lizards with strong wills and fine culture.
    This mod does not add NPC spawners to any of the included races. If a race does not have a spawner or a community yet, this code may not be invoked often. However, as the race mods expand it will become more functional. Additionally, you could prod race makers to get those recipes out there!

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  2. Telmish

    Telmish Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Great idea, this will be great once there are a bunch of races with NPC villages!
  3. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    Exactly the plan! As NPC villages begin to fill in, races connected with this will be able to actively talk to things as though they are core races themselves. From my own perspective, this is also encouraging me to really get to making sure kobolds actually appear!

    A new version of the kobold mod will likely be released tomorrow that (if nothing else) makes it so that kobold spawners are craftable by everyone.
  4. 28Mark

    28Mark Pangalactic Porcupine

    Zeta Reticulians and Draconi Reptilians. A common sight inside Area 51.
  5. nubnubbud

    nubnubbud Pangalactic Porcupine

    after my tiny hiatus, you may find the reptans will begin making much better use of this mod xp.


    oh crap I forgot to feature this on my race's page!
  6. Shadewarp

    Shadewarp Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hi guys!

    Figured it would be prudent to post here, as I can get opinions from my fellow race modders :)

    I've been struggling with the theme for my Grey Aliens for a while. Considering that their lore is limited (aka. I need to make most of it up by myself, as not to steal too much from x-com games, and that is too basic anyways) and their equipment is as well.

    To fit the Starbound universe(s) your race needs a wide range of armors and weapons... this has been the largest issue as the lore mentioned above has none of this. Greys are bare... and don't use melee weapons! BUT...

    I've thought about it for a while, as said, and I've come up with the idea that my Starbound Grey Aliens, should be tied to ancient egypt. Bare with me.

    A lot of thoughts on aliens (greys) in modern history claims that these aliens built the pyramids in Egypt. They also claim, that the gods were Aliens, even some of the Pharaos.
    So that got me thinking, that I could link the two.

    In Starbound, there are no race, at the moment, that is tied to Ancient Egypt. It gives me a lot of armor options (gods) and weapon options (kopesh, polearms, axes, daggers, sais, spears and so on and so forth). And it also gives me options for doing dungeons that are themed. Let me know what you guys think (don't be too hard on me!)

    So, here is the first attempt at an armor for my Greys... I haven't tied it into any tier yet so don't mind the stats.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And a little preview of what the Racial Crossover Mod can do if my new dungeon is installed (and a little preview of that as well ;)

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  7. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    I personally really like the futuristic Egypt theme! You could potentially also add a scepter as a melee weapon if you are looking for that.

    I like the design as well, though I wonder if a slightly more yellow gold would make it look more like gold.

    Also, I've been thinking of adding an interplanetary bar with various races showing up. This could potentially be harder than I imagine, but I THINK it would just not display races that aren't installed.

    Edit: This may be partially motivated by thinking drunk kobolds would be hilarious.
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  8. nubnubbud

    nubnubbud Pangalactic Porcupine

    If they use human stomach acid to breed, do they give them a lollipop afterward?

    a new kind of npc-drunk.
    I love it. this mod would be an amazing base for that.
    reptans would probably come up and hug you without asking,
    or just cry at the bar, if they were really drunk. they detox quickly (lizards have large kidneys and livers),
    but it gets to them quickly as well.
  9. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    I kind of liked the idea and I felt like it would be able to be packaged in pretty easily. I'm not 100% certain when I'll get around to making it (given I'm really trying to push out RL stuff and the next Kobold mod at the moment), but my hope would be that I could get at very least a prototype out sometime this weekend. Admittedly, my track record for "this weekend" releases is not exceptionally impressive.
  10. Setrilo

    Setrilo Phantasmal Quasar

    I love what you guys are doing and I feel like this is exactly what the game needs. I would love to have my Mantis Race part of this mod. Shadewarp said you'd be able to link me to the document.
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  11. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    We would absolutely love to have you join in! Mantis look very cool and I'm totally going to download them for my own playing! At the moment, we have a Google document with all of the various things that currently exist. It's set up currently as though it is code, but Google does such awful stuff with the file that I end up just copying stuff over anyway. I'm going to start converting this into an outline basically. Feel free to add stuff in and let me know when you're feeling good for a release!
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  12. Shadewarp

    Shadewarp Pangalactic Porcupine

    Welcome on board! Would be neat if there were an online JSON editor, that made you able to share like googledocs...
  13. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    We could do something with github, I think, but in the 10 seconds that I looked at it, it wasn't totally obvious for me that it would be easier.

    I'm currently reorganizing the page because it's going to get kind of chaotic as we add things in! Looking forward to hearing from (and adding toward!) the Avali and Mantis! Setrilo, let me know if you have any problems getting into the .doc or anything like that!
  14. Setrilo

    Setrilo Phantasmal Quasar

    So far so good. I'm in the process of condensing my current villager spawner file to make it more compatible with this (the way it's written right now doesn't even merge). As soon as that's done I'll get to work on some dialogue!
  15. CaptainKobold

    CaptainKobold Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hmmm! I had no idea there was a chance it wouldn't merge in! Basically what we're trying to do is keep it so that each mod handles itself with the base game and itself, but this mod does the in between stuff. That way it's not a necessary one, but it does add some cool function! In terms of going from dialogue to code, I can go ahead and do that personally (I've gotten it down to an artform at this point from putting the other races in!) If there's an issue on the cross-race side of things, by the way, please let me know so I can take a look and fix it!
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  16. nubnubbud

    nubnubbud Pangalactic Porcupine

    It's be cool if this mod made npc villagers talk to each other as well, that would make mixed dungeons like bars and inns and tourist spots amazing.
    any chance of that happening?
  17. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    I do hate to be a party pooper, but here's something I wrote earlier in a private conversation with Shade. Here goes:


    No seriously, think about it. Just for the six defaults, there's at least one villager response for each other default species, plus generic fallbacks. That's 7×7=49 different sets of villager responses. If I were to write a complete set for the Felins, if my math's correct that'd be another fifteen sets. Imagine it as a grid, if you will, where each row is a villager's species and each column a player's. Each species you add a full complement for, in both directions, makes it so much bigger.
    • Default state, including fallback: 7×7=49
    • Add one: 8×8=64
    • Add another: 9×9=81
    • Add a third: 10×10=100
    • Sixteen species in total, including fallback: 16×16=256
    The extensions to the object descriptions I added recently are 33.8 KB and consist only of single-line JSON files. The felin objects directory is 30.6 KB, despite containing complete JSON files and PNG. And the extensions aren't even complete yet. Now, these are single-line files, one for each object. NPC dialogue is several lines. The default species have ~40 lines per species (that is, there are 40 different things an Apex can say to a Human) and a single fallback (an Apex can only say "You don't look like Miniknog" to an unknown species). Felins have eight lines for each villager species to a Felin player, and sixteen for felin-to-felin.

    Therefore, assuming about sixteen lines per set, and a grand total of, let's say, eight species: 8×8×16=1024. Not counting fallbacks. But wait! There's the default six! It's actually 14×14×16=3136 lines. And that's just for villagers.

    "Too much work" is an understatement.


    I find it interesting how he hasn't bothered to reply yet, not even a short "oh that's quite a lot lol".
  18. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    Lua could cover this, maybe. Best idea in this whole thread if you ask me.
  19. Shadewarp

    Shadewarp Pangalactic Porcupine

    Didn't feel there were any point in replying to that really :) Sorry if you expected a response.

    It's your thoughts and you are allowed your thoughts :)
    We don't really see it as a problem, making responses for the 4 races that are in this mod now, hasn't really been hard... time consuming, or giving a huge size file... (atm. 11.067 bytes)
  20. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    Then you may have missed my point.

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