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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by JackingUp13, Oct 20, 2017.

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    I'm feeling strange about the progression of the races in starbound, because if there are different clothes for each race, they must have different weapons, maybe create a new type of weapon, like a wing style knife for the avians(that fits with the wing) , throwable spears for floran , hightech weapons for the apex, laser weapons for glitch, and mainly, katanas (with sheath) for hyotl(pls).

    another thing I wanted to ask for, can be difficult (pls) but add new special attacks to these "new" weapons

    here are some ideas:

    *spining slash upgrade: (a mini-tornado than give 20% (or 10%) more damage from normal spining slash) {USABLE FOR KATANAS (hyotl)

    *1000voltz spear: (like a rocket spear, but with sparks than can penetrate, and have a small boost in the direction than you aim (like , if u aim to left, u will go a little bit more fast to right)) {USABLE FOR LASER WEAPONS (glitch)

    *aerial strike : (an attack similar to rising slash, but u dont be stuck in air (more mobility, but more energy cost per second, potentialy a glider but with a hight cost of energy), the strike itself its simply u do a medium jump and atack with a glide atack diagonally(1,5 of a normal jump height))

    *poison shot : (its similar to a funtion of a trowable dart but its with a throwable spear,the strike it's not very complex,
    its basically throw the spear piercing enemies and applying poison) [may have light] {USABLE FOR THROWABLE SPEAR}(floran)

    *spread bullet : (its simply a shot than spread into 7 or 8 small bullets giving 10% of original damage [may be auto-aim/may be a starter big bullet and small ending bullets] {USABLE FOR NOVAKIDS} (maybe humans too)

    *baubles cut : (its a fast horisontal move than strike the enemy [blinking 3m of starter area] and do a small bauble explosion on where the enemy are causing area damage) [tis attack may give 120% of sword damage but be in a single target, u choice] {USABLE FOR KATANAS} (hyotl)

    thx if u read all tis giant suggestion, sry for the bad english, it is because i dont speak well .-. sry
    and pls try add one or two of tis suggestions at least, i start tis when i see the lack in the oriental characteristics from hyotl, and i start searching for katana and building improvements for tis race, but its hard to find, and when i find, it isnt what i think it was. thx and bye
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