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Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by DTank_Zero, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. DTank_Zero

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    I have been playing Starbound for a while and absolutely love it. I just wish that playing different races make no difference except clothing. I have been looking through post about racial Traits and what people have been saying about that. It looks like the generally understood reason for not having Traits is because it would influence the player's choice of race.
    My idea is that instead of passive Traits, each race could have different items and equipment they can craft. (Much like Novak id's being able to craft guns.) You wouldn't have to change what is there now, just add some unique things for each race. Maybe Florian can craft Spears and javelins, while Apex can craft throwable chemicals and stun batons.
    What ever equipment fits the different races' cultures really. And if anything, you could make the blueprint obtainable via quests. Any thoughts anyone?
    Either way, keep up the great work Devs! :D
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  2. oinkgamer

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    iirc race-specific weapons also used to be a thing in beta, but they were shafted when the weapons system got revamped

    i still think its unfair that novakids get unique craftables, tho
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  3. SickSix

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    Yes, race specific craftables should be back in.
  4. MysticLuke

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    I just recently installed the Elithian Races Mod which just does that! Atleast for their own added races and it's awesome so yeah, that would definitely add some value to the game. I mean I can understand the reason not to make some races superior to others but in the end as of the vanilla game in its current state it's kinda boring that it really makes no difference which race you choose except for the ship and ship pet because in the end every race can buy every others races armor from vendors and with enough armor on you just barely see your original character so making some unique balanced features for each race would be amazing!

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