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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by burningleos, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. burningleos

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    Hey guys, My name is burningleos, the founder of the upcoming race. mod, The Spikians, I know that sprites are easy to do, but, I really don't have the time and effort to implement everything I want my race to actually have, such as custom mech parts, and unique hairstyles...

    I also had thoughts of two unique spikian NPCs, One of them is going to be an NPC who will randomly spawn on certain planets (Those are most likely going to be Lush and Forest Biomes) who goes by the name of The Great Ganzalo, he is infact, a rich bureaucrat wearing a white tuxedo with a cuckoo clock top hat and he owns a trading company called the Ironclad Caravan, basically, He will sell exclusive furniture, items, and armor pieces to your characters for pixels.

    The other character is a someone who will be a random character on outposts, His name is Kaiser Leospike, His story is that he is going on an adventure but just happens to be that his own ship crashed on a planet, traveling the planet, he encounters an outpost teleporter and took him where he is currently now. The idea of him is that you actually help him fix his ship, and doing quests that he wants you to do, such examples are, Going to a random avian tomb to recover a sacred artefact, sneaking into a giant hyotl fortress to steal some "Naughty Dojinshi" and a set of women's undergarments, and recovering erchius crystals from another outpost (Basically, its the outpost where you get your erchius crystals, but its much harder, and there will be a completely different boss instead of the erchius horror) if completing one of those quests, he can give you a copy of his gear, his gear is special because it allows your double jump to last longer, being able to now mult-jump and erchius crystals that will completely fuel your ship for more than many times...

    Anyways back to the point, What I am talking about is that I need a sprite artist to help me create hair styles and creating facial features, racial armor sets, and the ship, you can PM me on here, or you can find me on discord as KaiserLeospike#5001

    Also I am also creating a seperate AI mod called G.I.B.B.I (Galactic Interstellar Best Buddy Interface) but it will be implemented as a signature S.A.I.L AI for spikian characters
    You can check the discussion board for that AI, here:
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  2. Akari_Enderwolf

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    I would help if I could, but I'm already busy making sprites for the next Dimentrex update and debating if I should add a new resource type or not.

    Hope you can get some help, I'm interested to see where your mod goes and how it turns out.
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  3. burningleos

    burningleos Cosmic Narwhal

    Thanks, I hope my mod can be as popular as the avali, but then again, I think people prefer playing cute fluffy space reptillian nomads than something like Dimensional Space rat-felines with horns and antlers and with a sense of science and curiosity of the unknown

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