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Race Headcanons

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Mile-High Hat, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Mile-High Hat

    Mile-High Hat 2.7182818284590...

    i haven't seen any recent threads to this effect, so i figured i'd make one! just post whatever race-specific headcanons you have, whether for every race or just specific ones.

    for example, mine on height!
    • we know Humans, obviously - i'd say between 5 and 6'6 feet average.
    • Apex are similar, but the effects of VEP have shifted their "window" of growth, so to speak, to about 6-7'6 feet.
    • due to their hollow bones, Avians have a smaller range of what their body can support, so they generally fall between 5'2 and 5'7.
    • as the codex The Evolution of the Hylotl notes, Hylotl have a short lifespan and a rapid evolutionary rate, making them closer to an r-species than the other races and thus smaller. thus, the average Hylotl is 4-5'4.
    • as in trees, Floran height depends largely on age and conditions of growth - for example, a young, malnourished Floran could be the height of a short Hylotl, while an older, healthier Floran could reach 8 feet.
    • Glitch are all around the same factory-specification height, with any differences resulting from inaccuracies in production by preexisting Glitch. as a result, most are about 6 feet at production, give or take an inch (though some may modify themselves later in life, especially self-aware Glitch).
    • Novakids, being made of non-solid material, work a little differently. their height and size depends on a variety of factors, including mood and health, but has a sort of "point" it stays around, and each Novakid's "point" can be anywhere between 5'6 and 6'6. as they age and their plasma shell becomes looser, however, they get taller - 7 feet or more, occasionally.
  2. RedPanda_Warrior

    RedPanda_Warrior Star Wrangler

    Like racial bonuses?
    Cause if so...
    Humans:Very generic, baseline race with no bonuses.
    Apex: Increased Stimpack effect length, 10 more speed and jump hight, 20% increased hammer damage, plus 15% health. At the cost of -2 defense and greatly increased hunger drain.
    Avian: plus 33% jump height, slower fall, 10 more spear and staff damage, increases as your health gets lower. At the cost of 10% health, defense decreases as health gets lower.
    Floran: Regen when exposed to sunlight, also gets very slight
    Glitch: +5 defense, immune to hunger, breathing, and poison/radiation. Shield is 20% more effective, are more effective (further dash, higher pulse jump, faster distortion sphere) +20 health. 10% more fall damage, 12% decreased speed and jump, Frost effect lasts longer, electric damage twice as effective against you.
    Hylotl: Water/Wet buff boost (20% speed, swim boost, +25 health, + 15% damage) + 20% broadsword damage,Regen when in water.
    -25% energy, weakened significantly in hot biomes.p
    Novakid: better light aura, 20% more gun damage, +40% energy, increased energy Regen , immune to Fire, Melting, and planetary heat plus Regen. - 15% health, -10% Melee damage, weakened in water.
    Notes: Avian -50% fall damage, Apex longer antidote lengths.
  3. RedPanda_Warrior

    RedPanda_Warrior Star Wrangler

    Actually for humans:
    Humans: Twice as big fuel tank, -25% fuel cost, + 20% energy. Food poisoning lasts twice as long and well fed is less effective.
  4. SenikCouper

    SenikCouper Poptop Tamer


    Humans: 6-8 hours
    Apex: 8-10 hours
    Avian: sunrise to sunset, vice versa if nocturnal.
    Floran: 2-3 hours, depending on how much sunlight they've been exposed too
    Glitch: None, however mechanical service every 4-6 months are recommended and quick system reboot once a week.
    Hylotl & Frogg: I dwouldn't have a clue, do fish even sleep? lol
    Novakid: 4 hours when ever they feel adequate.
    MushroomMen (don't know race name): 5-6 hours during daylight, very active at night
  5. SoopaDerpcat

    SoopaDerpcat Pangalactic Porcupine

    Froggs can jump between planets. How else would a race with no ships spread across the galaxy?

    Fenerox can't leap anywhere near that high, of course, but sometimes they build their stilt-houses so high off the ground that they end up outside their planet's field of gravity. When they jump out of bed in the morning, they just sorta go flying off into space and don't stop until they reach another world.
  6. Nalano

    Nalano Big Damn Hero

    Hitchhiking. Frogmen sssometimesss fly with floran asss quartermassster, not get eaten possssibly becaussse of poisssonousss ssskin. Frogmen didn't SSSAY if they had poisssonousss ssskin, but floran not want to take chance.
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  7. SenikCouper

    SenikCouper Poptop Tamer

    Froggie's have settled on many planets my company and I have colonized.
    I often have them aboard the bridge of my ship as navigation officers. I can't understand what Froggie's say because I'm a human but they know the stars very well!!

    They chose not to reside in cites or towns tho for some reason? I don't mind however, they do smell preeeetty bad
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  8. Mariel141

    Mariel141 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Floran biology: Although canonically it's stated that Floran are asexual, there's obvious differences between male and female Floran. My headcannon is that, while any Floran has the potential to produce either seeds or pollen, they can only do one at a time - and that the choice is up to them. Most Floran pick one and stick with it, but others will switch 'genders' as often as they can, while others may change once or twice in their lives. Because of this fluidity the Floran had no concept of genders until they ran into other species (notice that all Floran are 'Floran' in their language, with no 'he' or 'she' or even 'me' to differentiate them) and simply adopted the gendered pronouns that most resemble their current reproductive state when dealing with others.
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  9. Ferociousfiend

    Ferociousfiend Astral Cartographer

    Floran behavior headcannon:
    Florans are addicted to adrenaline: life-threatening situations and the glory of the hunt. Even the most civilized Florans (mine owning an illegal hoverbike racing operation) can't help but seek that adrenaline rush. Also, it has a multitude of proven health benefits such as: not being killed by other Florans when they are young.
  10. Noir Korrane

    Noir Korrane Pangalactic Porcupine

    Apex headcanon:

    I believe that Apex are actually humans who left earth a very, very long time ago and lost contact with the rest of humanity, but until the VEP, were 100% humans.

    Then the VEP turns them into an entire news species.

    This mostly comes from all the observations i've seen when looking at apex stuff from the miniknog where the characters comment on how alarmingly similar to humans the apex used to be.

    Not sure if that content is still in the game since 1.0 though with the lore overhaul.
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  11. KingTomato

    KingTomato Jackpot!

    frogg could possibly hybernate like real frogs do.
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  12. Lintton

    Lintton Guest

    1. glitch use bandages by eating them, the digestive and circulatory system handles the rest.
    2. The disgestive functions of the glitch work exceptionally fast compared to other races. hence their usage and association with outhouses.
    3.The apex rebellion, is part of how the Miniknog maintains order. Kinda like the war in "1984", or the Path of the One in "The Matrix".
    4.Floran can be potentially quite bulkier than the sprite suggests, despite being plants.
    5. Floran drysap is actually a drug used by the floran prison guard, administered primarily to make sure the inmates cannot escape alive.
    6. The USCM's loss/abandonment of prison control was a recent event and due to the loss of earth. They did not tell the inmates of certain prisons they were leaving them to die and had no plans/intention to extract them. Hindisght may see this as a poor idea.
    7. The Ceremony of the Avian "Sacrifice Tower" is not done as a public event, due to being considered too sacred; also, potential disruption and curiosity.
    8.Surviving the ceremony's fall is considered improper. Should it happen though, the selected need not be concerned! The tower attendants will assist in the soul's escape.
    9. Avian bandits are not related to the clergy and use the religion merely as an excuse for their vile deeds.
    10. Avian pirate ships are actually the equivalent of shuttlecraft, the mothership proper is larger and can hold multiple airships.
    11. Traveling merchants are part of the same union that arranges for colonists for residences.
    12. Rerolling colonists is considered very rude and The Oupost Agency of the Displaced(TOAD) thinks less of you for doing it. A healthy society is a diverse society, you should look to the benefits of that, not whether that chef has that dish you like. (#paidforbyTOAD)
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  13. RedPanda_Warrior

    RedPanda_Warrior Star Wrangler

    Okay, I get it now;
    Glitch use special material to put on their bandages, so that it repairs circuits.
    The Miniknog were not originally evil, they started with good intentions and got obsessed with the fame they were given
    Big Ape is now dead, because in each one of those holographic projectors is a peace of his genetic material
    Avian culture is wrong. The secret to getting wings in the afterlife is not sacrifice, but being a good person and doing the right thing, but not just to get wings. Your avian characters if they beat the game will all gain wings in the afterlife.
    Floran's savage nature comes from the fact that they have a good portion of DNA that is very similar to carnivorous plants such as the Venus Flytrap.
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  14. Noir Korrane

    Noir Korrane Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well, i certainly have new headcanon now!
  15. Mooncalf99

    Mooncalf99 Spaceman Spiff

    On Floran:
    Floran reproduce by releasing pollen which fertilize other Florans' seeds. This is one of the reasons they like having villages, and why the village considers themselves one big family. Gender is only cosmetic and has no impact on fertilization, but the Greenfingers encourage it because it makes them more relatable to the other species. When a seed is fertilized and ready to be planted, the Floran plucks it off and either plants it, saves it for later, or discards it as they prefer. This method of reproduction allows them perfect population control; if a community needs more people, they simply plant all their seeds, whereas if they have a manageable population, they save the seeds for later.

    In order to produce seeds that will grow into strong Floran, a Floran wants to surround themselves with other strong Floran to pick up pollen from. In order to keep a desirable Floran within pollination range, they release pleasant smells that specifically appeal to that Floran. Having no advanced culture, Floran prize pleasant smells highly and will try to stay near the pleasant-smelling Floran at any cost, often haranguing passing strangers into complex bribery schemes to convince them not to go away. (At times, a Floran may fixate in a similar way on a pleasant-smelling non-Floran, which does no assist in reproduction in any way.)

    On Hylotl:
    Hylotl, like most fish, do not sleep. However, the average Hylotl requires a 6-8 hour long period of rest each night, during which they contemplate the innate beauty of lily pads, compose complex poetry in their heads, and remind themselves of the many reasons why they are better than any other race. Without this kind of cultural rejuvenation, a Hylotl will become increasingly surly and erratic, and may even develop a strange dementia. Signs of this dementia include, but are not limited to: jumping around a lot, talking to themselves, digging deep pits, and hoarding furniture.

    On Novakids:
    Lacking mouths, a Novakid consumes food and drink by forcing the item into their brand, where its hydrogen content is spent in a nuclear fusion reaction while the remainder is burnt to ash. Novakids can't taste the food, but can't ever remember this fact and look forward to every meal with full enthusiasm. Also, the sight of a Novakid eating is truly and utterly disturbing to anyone who sees it, with the exception of certain freakier-then-usual humans. The experience of seeing a Novakid annihilate an innocent food item has been known to drive Stargazers into the ranks of the Grounded, simply from the insight that no merciful Kluex could ever exist who allows something so horrible to happen.
  16. Mr.PotatoFudge

    Mr.PotatoFudge Phantasmal Quasar

    Not really a racial thing but i remember there was a huge discussion on what the magical chemical the monkeys drank to become smart and hairy would do to other races

    people were saying things like

    florans becoming massive trees that cant move

    because they thought the potion strengthened their racial traits such as avians actually flying

    and humans just becoming apex

    but i read a codex whilst playing that said all the potion does is make people smart and hairy
    i probably mis-interpreted that but i accepted hairy fishes so fast that i just cant revert

    so my head cannon is that if the hylotle or florans were to drink the potion thing they would just get giant mustaches of hair

    not scales
    not feathers
    not plant bits
    not metal plates

    but hair
    a bunch of hair just growing on creatures it shoudnt grow on








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  17. EndlessTetris

    EndlessTetris Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Alright so this thread is a few months old but I've got a few headcanons.

    Florans are not actually plants. The plants so integral to their daily lives are in fact symbiotic to the Florans, who are fungal in nature. For example, Greenfingers cause plants to grow by stimulating growth via nutrient packed mycelium. While it's easier to decompose animal matter, Florans are still capable of eating plant matter. Fungi can decompose plants, but it takes much longer to do so as compared to animals, thus why Florans prefer meat.

    The Shadow People found on the Midnight Planets are also parts of the Cultivator that broke free. But while the Novakid were made out of positive emotions and adventurous spirit, the Shadow People are made out of negative emotions. They have the opposite of an adventurous spirit, since they're trapped on the worlds of darkness they come from.

    Kluex is ancient Avian for "Cultivator." It's also the Ancients' word for cultivator.
  18. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    Yeah, my headcanon for the Floran is pretty much the same as yours, except with the addition that the Agaran are Floran that somehow manage to survive without integrating plants into their makeup, which is why Floran are so scared of them. Seeing a Floran without plants is, to a Floran, about as disturbing as seeing a human without their skin would be for a human.
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  19. RedPanda_Warrior

    RedPanda_Warrior Star Wrangler

    The shadow people thing... that explains a lot, although if the shadow people are unholy, how do they come from the holy cultivator?
    Maybe the Cultivator and the Ruin are symbolic.
    Also, isn't it funny that the Ruin and the shadows are/were stuck somewhere for potentially all eternity.

    All this gives me a head Canon:
    Perhaps before the ruin "occupied" the space in the black hole, perhaps it was the home of the shadow people. They were stuck, never to escape. But once the Ruin was pushed in, perhaps they all got pushed out, at the same time as the Cultivator exploded. They were sent flying across the universe. But what if during the mess, some of the shadow people collided with the fragments of the Cultivator, imbuing light, adventure, and knowledge into the once shadow people, turning them into Novakids.

    This would explain a lot because the Novakids are fragments of the cultivator, or rather, the fragments are inside them. Both races do not build much, which symbolizes that they are related. In all other ways, they are the exact opposite.

    Then that must mean that the brand the Novakids have is kind of like a spiritual connection with the cultivator fragments.
  20. telnaga

    telnaga Void-Bound Voyager

    I like the idea that florans don't really have much sexual dimorphism, but, seeing the other mammalian races, some of them started stuffing leaves in their shirts to imitate them. Maybe they think it's a weird fashion thing.

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