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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Syfe_Fireshard, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Syfe_Fireshard

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    All input is valuable to me, from suggestions to requests to corrections.

    I've seen a number of anthropomorphic race mods out there on the forum but none really felt.. right,.. or some were just incomplete or fell into incompatibility. I started this mod back before 1.0 and have since been waiting on its release. Ive been slowly working it into playability by using a few races as templates to see what the new version demands for its files (Avali and Bunnykin primarily along with some default assets).

    I've used the Avali base sprite as a base for the Róka's base for its digitgrade design seen nowhere else before its release. I'll be using some duplicated Avali items and codes as placeholders till i can mold it towards being unique (somewhat at least). The Róka are canine in appearance, somewhere between vulpine and lupine. Their design will cater to those who wish to have their fursonas ingame if they are of a canine... well, you get it.

    Either way, to the point, I'm creating this discussion to seek opinions and suggestions on this new race mod. So far, the race is playable to an extent. No weapons or armor are currently implemented, but i have their designs.

    To note, "Róka" is Hungarian for Fox.

    "A race of seemingly canine humanoids with a knack for mischief and curiosity, leading to their alliance with the Protectorate and inevitable unification."

    The mod will add another minable ore called "cobalta" to the game. It's diamond-like in appearance, be it a bit more pale and more of a blue than an aqua hue. (Will be found on either all planets if I can make it, or maybe just asteroids, I don't know, this is a discussion for a reason.) It's strong and can keep an edge well, but can be prone to.. fractures.. if the weapons are not forged correctly, as most are crafted with thin blades. This thinness creates a much lighter build while maintaining a larger weapon size and blade surface area. Unsure if I will add other weapon types yet (axes, spears, hammers, etc.), only broadsword sprites have been made. The weapons will be made from the default expectations of the tiered ores, with the additional requirement of the refined cobalta ore.

    The blades will most likely use the old 10-tier system from iron to impervium (considering its still around.. i haven't looked that closely), each tier of blade becoming more advanced visually and performance-wise. I'm also hoping that I can make a tiered ballistic weapons system for this race alongside the melee setup.

    Planned patched-in starter weapon:

    Planned Tier 1 blade:

    Planned top-tier blade:
    Armor and clothing:
    Taking a trick from the Avali rulebook per se, I'm going to use compact energy shielding as armor, each tier being able to deflect more damage. Shields will be invisible, and your cosmetics will be determined by your vanity slots. On the subject, I'm hoping to assimilate the normal human clothing to fit the Avali sprite and make casual clothing for my race rather than extravagant coverings.

    Ship Design
    The Róka ship was taken from the open-use mod Soma Explorer Ships by MShadowy and recolored to my liking. I have messaged the author (who's been inactive for a year or so, but at least I tried), and if s/he requests it I'll find or make another ship.

    Tier 1 (3)

    Tier 8:

    Humanoid Traits:
    The Róka have the appearance of a mix of foxes and wolves, and can have various details from both. Their fur is known to be of almost any hue and combination, from the beautiful to the odd. They communicate via galactic basic, but have been known to use a combination of chirps, barks, yips and howls to communicate with members of their species while in the field.

    Quick preview of the race looks:

    Please comment your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and opinions, I want this to become complete and postable someday. I originally planned on not posting a peep about it till it was finished, but with all the race mods being uploaded I feared being left behind or someone posting an all too similar idea to mine. I will probably update this post in time, adding details or changing aspects. But for now, here it is! I eagerly await replies.
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  2. Syfe_Fireshard

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    This.. was the right place to post this.. right...? A mod discussion..?
  3. Syfe_Fireshard

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    anyone at all..?
  4. Sparklestar

    Sparklestar Void-Bound Voyager

    could make the patches under the eyes just 2 4x4 blocks
  5. Syfe_Fireshard

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    explain? and FINALLY 0.0 i thought this was gonna just sink n be unnoticed
  6. Mackinz

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    The overall angle of the face feels off. The snout is far too high up and the neck is too long IMO.
  7. Sparklestar

    Sparklestar Void-Bound Voyager

    you have 2 patches of L shapes of 1x1 pixels under his eyes, they look really bad so I was asking for you to change em to 2 blocks of 2x2
  8. Syfe_Fireshard

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  9. Mackinz

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    It's hard to tell at that resolution, but I think the snout is too pointed now and that the nose should be lowered one pixel to see if that helps.

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