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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by JesseKomm, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Good morning everyone, so I decided to take a break from my mod and try my hand at custom spawning using the admin commands. Mostly it's going splendid! Though it seems a few things are... interesting to deal with for the moment, and that is where my questions come in:
    1. When working with a generated weapon(In this case a commonassaultrifle) I have not found any method to alter the colours of specifically the "iconDrawables" parameter. It appears as though regardless of what code I put in, it decides to default to those defined in "/items/active/weapons/colors/ranged.weaponcolors" as written in the JSON file(Even when I try to remove that path). Now I am entirely able to change the colours of the actual weapon for display in-hand, but OCD is getting the better of me and the inconsistency between hand and icon has caused me to scrap the custom colour entirely. So, I am wondering, is there any method to alter the "iconDrawables" parameter to use the colours I wish?
    2. This one makes me feel extremely perplexed, but I cannot for the life of me get /spawnnpc to accept any overrides! The documentation has stated it does(Though I have never seen any examples of it being used, not on the wiki or even through multiple searches here), but it seems otherwise. I'm wondering if it was removed(or bugged) to accept overrides, or if it is simply an issue with the various formatting I had attempted? If it is still possible, an in-depth example would be most welcome.
    3. While working on an item I came across an interesting effect, I attempted(And, in a way, succeeded) to replace the colours in the gauntlet fist weapon... the result had been that the weapon stopped separating the frames and instead used the entire image(With the colours I set at least). I feel this is an issue that may be specific to fist weapons, although I have not yet tried to alter colours on anything else with various frames. If this is a well-known problem I am wondering what a solution is, or is it simply a limitation to using spawn commands?
    4. This is a little less about spawning and more about the general game. Is there a way to identify the seed of a generated weapon and/or npc using some command or looking through the log files?
    I shall leave it at that for the moment, at least on specifics, I may update this with further questions as I continue to work with spawn commands. For the most part I am just curious about what is possible with them, and experimentation seems unreliable in determining that. I'm sure, just based on what I've been able to get working so far, that a lot of this is hard coded or not able to be changed without altering LUA files.

    Thank you in advance for any answers, and as usual, have a wonderful day!
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