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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Rickytan253, Dec 18, 2018.

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    ok so first off i have some questions on how coop works so imma use an example hopefully someone can explain. So if i take my solo game and build a house for 1 coop friend, lets call him Friend A. he moves in helps for a few hrs then has to get off. signs off. Then my Friend B wants to join, (yes i kno you can have 3 total friends with different houses but for examples sake lets just say its a duo only) Now do i have to delete my friend A's house and remake it so B can join. Also if thats the case what happens to all the tools that were in A's inventory, if he had upgraded his watering can for example will it now be in friend B's inventory or would A of had to left it behind in a chest outside? Also, after lets say B signs off and the next day A wants to play again, when he signs back in would he have to make a whole new character again? i assume i have to delete the house again and rebuild it so he would have to make a whole new character.. maybe someone can explain how this works or are we stuck with the exact 4 people you make a game with?

    also i am making a discord channel for all Switch users. Not just for stardew valley but for any game on switch. anyone is welcome to join and bring their friends. the more people we have the better!
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      1) I had someone who had to delete a house for me to join them (because their friend A, and B was offline), and they only had 2 extra houses.

      2) all tools left by Friend A are left in the dresser (and inventory) for you to collect.

      3) I would assume (only a guess here) if you deleted that house without collecting the upgraded water can- it is gone, and back to level 1

      4) Friend A can rejoin your game whenever with his last character used (in your world). He doesn’t have to restart every time.
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        thank you very much for the info... appreciate it and feel free to come join the discord and jam

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