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    Not sure if this is the official Starbound thing or just some fan page, but ANYWAYS

    Since this is also the Q&A, I thought I'd ask; If you place a captain's seat on a planet, why aren't you able to move the planet? The background would change to stars and everything. Or maybe a huge item that you'd have to place inside the planet to act as an FTL drive? That'd be cool.
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    This is the official Chucklefish (and, by extension, Starbound) forum.

    That sort of functionality doesn't exist because you're not meant to be able to place captain's chairs; they're supposed to be immovable objects that remain on ship bridges. Only way you can place them anywhere else is by using console commands, and I'm not sure what effect that would have as I haven't tried it.
  3. PWubb

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    You can remote-control your ship, that's the effect.
  4. Jonesy

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    Makes sense. As I said, they're supposed to remain on the ship.

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