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  1. Fae

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    Hi everyone~
    I've been watching the Dev Blog on the Starbound "Home" page and wondering how do we know when the finished updates have been released to our copies of Starbound?

    I don't know if my copy of Starbound updates (in Steam) to patch the released updates that have been finished or how to tell if it is updating.

    (I just woke up :zzz:, sorry if my question and explanation doesn't have legible clarity. :cry:)
  2. Hi, Fae!

    Just so you know, all of the updates you're currently seeing on the Dev Blog are for the next mega-crazy-big-awesome update. Basically 1 giant patch full of sci-fi and wonder. Maybe some magic. There's no ETA on that patch, and an ETA won't be announced until it's ready.

    For now, just hang back and get excited about whats to come :)
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  3. Fae

    Fae Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Ohh, thank you so much, Izzabelle! :love:

    I was very confused about if the updates were already finished and sent out for our Starbound to update and patch, this cleared a lot of confusion for me so thank you! :)
    Is this mega-crazy-big-awesome update (that made me giggle a little :giggle::love:) the Nightly Builds Update I noticed in the wiki or is it the update with a cute Koala title?
  4. What you see is additionally being pushed to then nightly builds too -- but please keep in mind: Nightly Builds are 100% totally broken. There's lots of bugs, missing content that's still being worked on and crashes. I would only opt into it if you absolutely can not wait to try out some of the new stuff. You can learn about opting into Nightly here: http://playstarbound.com/nightly-builds-are-live/

    and there's some good threads about problems with installation, errors, and other bugs over in In-Game & Billing Support
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  5. Fae

    Fae Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Okay, I'll keep that in mind~
    Thank you for helping me, Izzabelle! :love: I think I can hold my sanity and wait a little longer for the Koala update by watching the Dev Blog. :)
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  6. Tymon

    Tymon Cosmic Narwhal

    I am hoping that the developers stick to their guns with the 'no more wipes' policy they stated earlier this year though. I have a ton of really awesome weaponry and several cute pets I've found in my explorations and since it's random generated stuff losing it would absolutely suck.

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