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Closed Question regarding CD Key and European Steam

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Slay125, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Slay125

    Slay125 Big Damn Hero

    I've read in a few forums that if you'd buy a (retail) game in America and add it to an European steam account, that it may be rendered invalid because the game was bought in another country.

    If I pre-order the game now, will I have to take the risk that this might happen? Because if I buy the game now, I will be paying for it as if I buy the game in America (because I pay in Dollars, not Euros).

    I really want to play the beta, but it would be a bit troublesome if I have to pay for it twice in the end, knowing that Steam always makes the $=€ conversion...
  2. Hello. I once heard this in IRC:
    - The game isn't Region-Locked.

    Then you Can't Buy an NA or EU version of it. Your key surely will Work in Steam normally, no Mather the Country.
  3. Slay125

    Slay125 Big Damn Hero

    Thanks for the quick reply Bacon.
    I that's the case then I'll just take the risk and buy it now. :up:
  4. It it were an NA or EU Version, I assure you they would tell in Pre-Order Page/FAQ. :lolwut:
  5. WolfGang

    WolfGang Phantasmal Quasar

    Region locking is something that we hope DIES, the sooner the better.

    Unfortunately there is a reasonable argument for it when it comes to media that is sold all over the world, due to pricing structures and "affluence".

    But pretty much everybody that isn't forced to by a large corporate system doesn't region lock their games, and I don't think chuckle fish has any intention of doing so.
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  6. wataru

    wataru Phantasmal Quasar

    I have brought several games from humble store for dollars and successfully played them on mu european steam account.
    No worries, the pre-order key will work perfectly.
  7. Yes Indeed. Some online games, or with Login Servers, MultiPlayer etc... Region lock their games to don't let people from EU in a NA version. That isn't going to happen here.
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