[question][QoL] Pause game when warning player about beaming out of instance

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Twisted_Code, Nov 20, 2017.

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    Sorry if the title is a little unclear. I was trying to make it as concise as possible. Essentially, the warning prompt that shows up when you click beam up while in a mission can cause the player to die currently. I know this from experience when I tried to abort the "Dreadwing" mission. I was almost out of health when I clicked beam up, and ended up dying because I couldn't click to confirm that I wanted to leave the instance fast enough. I think I found a hole where a quality of life feature (pause for dialogue box) should could be

    I originally posted this in support as an issue but apparently it's been moved to suggestions. I'm not sure why, since to my understanding, suggestion forums are only really meant for posts that aren't "suggesting" the developers fix something they obviously missed. I realize this is kind of low priority compared to other bugs, but it's still something I feel was outright overlooked and can't possibly have been intentional. Why would you want the player to die just because they don't click a warning prompt fast enough, especially when death would (unless the player triggered a checkpoint) reset their progress anyway? I know it wasn't very fun for me, and I don't want anyone else to be caught offguard in the same manner

    edit: complete rewrite in progress, but it's late and I'm tired
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    bumping. Justification: I couldn't find any specific rules on bumping posts so I assume the only rule is "use common sense & don't be a d**k", which means not bumping without a reasonable explanation such as this. I'm also a new user on this forum so please have some mercy.
    @ Moderation If I'm mistaken and bumping like this is really not permitted, I encourage the moderator(s) responsible for this subforum to swiftly delete this reply, so long as they leave a message in my user inbox telling me they did so and the specific reason. that should reverse the "Bump", at least if my experience with forum software is anything to go by.
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    bumping is usually fine, but most of the time double posting is not. however, since it was used for a bump, it's usually fine in that regard. however, I believe that I have not encountered that issue, and just like how in destiny 2 you can die while in the director and in the inventory. it's not a glitch, or something that people need to fix. it is li9ke that so you don't teleport in dangerous areas. almost all games have that.

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