Question about map editing/mod possibilities for the forest area (Flower Dance event)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 100KideathPlayz001, Mar 15, 2018.

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    Most people tend to know about the Flower Dance bridge

    (Flower Dance bridge before/after the event)


    (Flower Dance bridge during the Flower Dance event)

    But the main question i'm bringing up in this thread is would it be possible to map edit or mod the bridge in to access the areas within any time and day without the ropes? Or would it get caught up with the Flower Dance events and the Winter event and other miscellaneous events withing the forest area.

    If this has already been done or is being done feel free to drop a link or reply how to do so. Im not a huge tech person either but I've been working and searching a couple of map editors and XNB file unpackers and painting apps and they either only edit the farmland buildings/area, Or they only unpack enough for me to only work with the tile sheet and not being able to access the actual map to edit in the area and seasonal tile sheets. So again if you got any input feel free to reply and if this is a similar question you have had hopefully this thread may help.
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      Hey, instead of posting this in general discussion, you might wanna move it to the modding threads! People over there are generally pretty good at answering questions like this. (as for the answer, i've glitched out of the map and tried to go over outside of festival time, the forest just isn't there whenever the festival isn't active. you could probably add it back to the main map, but it would be a lotta work :D I'll see what I can do if you like)
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      • Ellyssa

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        Expanded Crevices opens up that area.

        Not sure how the festivals effect it, though I would assume that it would be fine since I think festivals seem to take place on their own map (there are strange differences between the town map and the Winter Festival town map, for instance).
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