Quest for: The Holy Sword Excalibur.

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    REPOSTED from Stardew Valley Reddit: link.

    The Galaxy Sword is okay and powerful, its texture looks evil and strong.

    What about getting an Holy Sword, pure and powerful.

    The Quest will be shown to the player after reaching to level 50 at the Skull Cavern. The Player must search within the mines(Skull Cavern's) for a special floor randomly accours if the quest unlocks. in that floor the player can try pulling excalibur from a hugh stone brick and a new mini game show up more on that later in the post. After aquired the sword you have a new quest to go to the wizard and show him the sword to inspect its magic. cutseen occures and the wizard tells you more about excalibur story.

    Excalibur Minigame: The mini game will be like the minigame at the Stardew Valley Fair but the more mining level you are the bigger the green bar you will have to get the bar to the top and then the sword will be pulled (I dont mind the mini game to change please suggest at the comments for a diffrent mini game.)

    The Sword Stats: (Please comment with diffrent ideas!) Level 30 Sword 90-100 Damage +3 Defence +3 Speed

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