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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Alphius, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Alphius

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    I've been playing the game for 20 hours now, and there's quite a few things that could be added or improved in order to make my life easier (some of them might have already been asked, sorry if that's the case):

    EDIT: I just saw that you could cycle to the next unit/building by pressing "Space". I guess this feature is no longer needed, but it would be nice to have it feedbacked somewhere in the codex.
    1a) The ability to quickly view all units and structures that haven't performed an action this turn.
    and / or
    1b) The option to make a building "Wait": I nearly always wait for the "auto-end turn" to trigger, just to be sure I didn't forget anything. If you decide to do something like this, please make the buildings auto-wait if you don't have enough Gold to buy any unit, so that I don't have to make all of them wait (and also please fix the vines, I know it's technically a unit, but they can only wait so they should always auto-wait).

    2) An "undo last move" option somewhere. Not sure how that would work out with the random damage stuff, but it's really frustrating when you accidentally missclick between the "Attack" and "Wait" buttons.

    3) It would be nice to warn the player in the tutorial that critical hits also work when defending.

    4) The random attack damage stuff in the current state is quite annoying. I don't really know why it's in the game right now, but I have quite a lot of thoughts about it:
    - I feel like it shouldn't exist in the first place: I see the game as a strategy/puzzle game, and thus I expect the exact same thing to happen if I do it twice in a row. I feel like the AI could react in a different way each time, but the damage itself shouldn't change, especially when it's not mentioned anywhere in the codex and in the campaign.
    - If you still think the random attack damage is a good thing and is needed, then it should definitely be shown in the UI that spawns when attacking a unit.

    5) An option somewhere to disable all cutscenes (story and combat). It can be quite annoying to have wait 2 seconds each time you restart a level (and also I think speedrunners would appreciate it!)

    6) The way the difficulty settings work right now make me feel uncomfortable. I feel like the game is balanced quite well, and I don't really want to change this. When I find a mission too hard, I don't really want to cheese my way into it, I'd rather:
    - Either be able to skip it in order to do it when I get more experience.
    - Or, having some actual difficulty settings for the AI. Right now, I feel like the AI is REALLY smart (even though it can be cheesed and falls easily into traps/bad trades).

    Also, I think you should gain 3 stars and S-ranks no matter what your difficulty settings are. Some people are smarter than others, that's the way it is, and I don't really see why you would punish or reward someone for it. I know you've spent quite a lot of time tweaking the game, but in the end it's always the players choice, and your #1 priority as a game developer should always be to make the player feel good about themselves.

    7) The groove meter could also be improved quite a lot. I basically have no idea when it fills up, and what's affecting it. A small feedback with the amount of groove gained each time you gain some would be a nice addition. Also please reference these values somewhere in the codex. It's important in strategy games to know what's gonna happen and how much the values will change if you do any action.

    8) On the AI's turn, the camera should stay a bit longer on the units that just spawned. At the beginning of my turn I nearly always check his base to see if there's new units, which can make you lose quite a bit of time.

    Well... That's quite a lot of stuff, thanks for reading it, and thanks for this amazing game!
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    • Razzle Storm

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      Battle for Wesnoth has a good take on this that I think would work quite nicely with Wargroove. Basically, as long as the unit hasn't caused damage/attacked or revealed any fog of war, you can "undo" whatever movement it made. This would be super nice for multiplayer as well.
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      • Fadedsun

        Fadedsun Astral Cartographer

        Regarding your thoughts about the AI, I think they only feel smarter in the campaign when the balance is skewed in their favor and you're at a disadvantage. If you build a balanced map and play the AI, it's not very smart at all. You can beat it quite easily no matter what you set the AI to after you build your map. The AI will ignore capturing all the villages immediately available to it, and a lot of the time it won't build from a second available base until you get very close to it, thus forcing them to build something to keep it. It's too difficult to build an AI that will play the game like a human would, but I wish someone would try.
        • GoDannY1337

          GoDannY1337 Space Hobo

          A way to move your progress from switch to pc or Xbox and vise versa would be awesome. For instance I bought the pc version for mods and occasional online play but mostly play on Switch. As much as I like the campaign and arcade I don’t have the time to play through twice and unlock all commanders for multiplayer.

          Since I guess there is no API for the cloud safes I would suggest one of the following:
          a) Link progress to an Central Account
          b) add an option to generate a hash that can be shown on one system and input to the other system to reset the single player progress
          c) unlock for multiplayer by default

          Hope you consider an option to do so.
          Awesome game!
          • Erick648

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            I'd add that it would be nice to have an unconditional undo function in puzzle mode. It's single-player and there's no randomized damage or fog of war (so you don't gain any new information before undoing), so an undo function would just save you the trouble of having to restart the whole puzzle every time you made a mistake.

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