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    Hello all,

    As I play Starbound I've been compiling a list of minor changes that I feel would vastly, if subtly, improve the game. I'll provide a rationale on changes that need it, so please feel free to comment if you don't share my opinions.

    Toggle the ability to interact with lights
    Lights are the vast majority of interactable objects, and the player rarely needs to turn them off. Instead, a player will often inadvertently put themselves in the dark when the cursor moves slightly or the wrong button is pressed. A toggle would fix this.

    Recall crew from anywhere on the planet
    Crew members can easily be left behind by mistake. They often move near targeted objects and their standby message is easy to miss. A button to call them, perhaps even with a cooldown or limitation, would be amazing.

    Companions avoid chests, doors, crops, etc.
    By placing themselves near targeted objects, crew members are frequently, accidentally ordered to stay and follow.

    Town NPC death-immunity to natural spawns, perhaps by settings option
    NPC's are not very smart in combat when a creature makes it to the inside of their sprite. It would be nice to keep them alive so that players do not need to feel like babysitters.

    Protected zone indicator
    A small visual indicator for when the cursor is over a "locked block" zone would be useful. For example, Hylotl cities have a field within which blocks cannot be placed. This would be useful for building around that.

    Slightly increase platform placement repeat delay when jumping
    Roughly a third of the platforms I place when jumping are placed twice (across Y-levels). The single click is registered for long enough to create multiple platforms. This wastes resources and affects their traversal.

    Prevent hunger drain on the ship
    If the player needs to walk away from the game for a time, or to sit and appreciate their works, the ship is the best place to do this. Unfortunately, hunger drain on the ship prevents the player from taking a break. I am not far enough to say this wouldn't be a balance issue of some sort, but it would be vastly appreciated.

    Dim or mute music when using an instrument or playing a longer sound clip

    Report each current objective in quest journal entry description

    Report current item's total quantity (in same notification) upon pickup of that item

    Move hover tooltip to visible screen when window is at edge of screen

    Less upbeat music when failing the fossil minigame
    This suggestion is about as minor and opinionated as it gets, but please make failure sound more like failure. The upbeat melody somehow makes this more frustrating for me, personally.

    Have any of your own to add? Comments? Please let me know. I'll keep this list updated as I play through the game.
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    UI conflict between Quest compass and hotbar: I think the size needs to change for this, at least on certain resolutions as the compass gets in the way of the hotbar.

    debuff explanation: starbounder gives a good explanation of the debuffs, but it would be helpful to have something in game too, perhaps some codex books?

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