Quailty of life switch campain editor. pt2

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    Hey everyone this is my second post on this topic as I have used this game more and more some extremely aggravating aspects of the editor have come to my attention. Please for the love of god make the d-pad on the switch controller less sensitive I have no use for it. Instead id say keep the joy stick spend the same but allow a single tap on the d pad to move over a set increment allowing the editor to place objects more precisely currently I have to spend 10 mins just on getting a torch to stand on a castle wall and in the end its not where I want it. Also when you hold down the d-pad it should do double the increment from before continuously till the user takes their finger off.
    I also wish I could transfer a map that I've made into my campaign and be able to use it as a campaign mission; This would also be super handy the other way around I have some great maps in my campaign I wish I could share that are locked behind the whole campaign that I don't want to release till its done. I have spent a lot of time making a farming mini game that I want to upload with out uploading the whole campaign and that's not possible. ​
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