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    This thread is just intended to keep track of all of the mods that I have released for stardew valley. My name is the Queen of Bees and I enjoy making retextures for this game very much!
    I'll make this look nicer once I upload more things.

    Current Mods:

    [​IMG] Fluffy Tuxedo Cat: Turns your cat into a fluffy black and white kitty.
    [​IMG] Easter Eggs and Chocolate Bunny Lucky Foot: Replaces chicken and duck eggs with colored eggs and lucky foot with foil-wrapped chocolate bunny

    Upcoming Mods:

    Rustic log cabin retexture for all house stages, potentially other buildings as well
    Status: Started, part way done with the first house (lol)

    Three new horse skins; a sorrel, a seal brown, and a grullo. Includes pig-layout and baby versions edited from the sheets from Horses in your Barn, so they will be able to be seamlessly added to your game as pig breeds using Lavapulse's Custom Animal Breeds Toolkit.
    Status: baby sprites and pig-layout sprites are done, rideable saddled and saddleless versions are done for the sorrel but not complete for the seal brown and grullo.
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      Hey! I'm a big fan of your work! It's awesome to see that someone else uses the Horses in your Barn mod I made :) I can't wait to see what they look like!
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        @HopeWasHere Wow, thank you! I'm excited to get them done! I've loved horses all my life, so any mod that allows me to have more than one horse is a great one in my book :)

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