WIP Puzzle World Quest (H395SFW9) - A full fledged puzzle campaign

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  1. Klunky

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    Hi there I'm working at the moment on a fully fledged puzzle campaign, like the one existing already inside the game, but with some differences regarding the overall focus of level design.
    The idea is to present specific situations that test your knowledge of the game and the abilitys of every troop member.

    For example this is the entire puzzle of the first level:


    Looks more like an preview picture but I try to work with minimalism here.^^" (the maps will become more complex later on, but will be larger then they need to be)
    The first level teaches you to use the strenghts of your different units and that you can use allied troops as well to get criticals.

    At the moment there exist only 2 levels but I'm eager to continue my work so there will be surely some updates the next weeks. (I'm also about to learn new mechanics of the game day by day which gives me new inspirations)

    You access the map, if you type in the code on the title: CNASMHPL at the sharing menue of the game.

    If you are new to the game and don't want to be spoilered content-wise this campaign could be a good entry point, since I'm planning to use later mechanics of the game on later levels as well.

    So yeah looking for some feedback here (ingame ratings could also be nice, feel free to dislike it if it lacks on execution)
    Hope I can find one or two people here for a quick 5 minute long braintease^^"

    Enjoy and cheers.
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    • Lupinos

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      I'll try it out as soon as I'll have Switch online payed. ^^
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      • brewtown82

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        Just downloaded
        • Klunky

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          Thanks an update will follow probably within the next 2 weeks. I created 8 mission so far. I made them as creative I can think off. Some friends telling me its pretty good so far so I hope you look forward.
          • Klunky

            Klunky Lucky Number 13

            Well here's an update with more levels, hope one or two may enjoy it (and write some feedback)


            The new Code is:5HD5ZPXW

            Ah yeah there is a litte surprise at the end. Fans of creepypasta's may enjoy it.
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            • Klunky

              Klunky Lucky Number 13

              If someone may wonder something was missing from the initial code, I ulpoaded that campaign anew hope no one downloaded it so far on accident. If you know what it was, just ask me. The new Code is:5HD5ZPXW

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