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RELEASED Purchasable Pets [SB 1.2] v1.4

Buy pets at Infinity Express

  1. apinanaivot

    apinanaivot Cosmic Narwhal

    You should fix the names for the 2 new pets, they are currently both called weasels in-game.
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  2. RubytheKatt

    RubytheKatt Space Spelunker

    How do I prevent the pets from cloning? I now have three identical rabbits on my ship, and I only have one rabbit house. The only other mod that I have is the Avali Race Mod, but I don't think that that would affect this mod.
  3. RubytheKatt

    RubytheKatt Space Spelunker

    Also, does this work in multiplayer? Because the whole point of me getting this mod was so that my friend and me could live on the same ship, but we could both have our own pets.
  4. The | Suit

    The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

    Cloning is a bug on Chucklefish part - you can use the pet trap to remove clones.
    Everyone is required to have this mod to work - as long as they do you can have any pet and as well as any number of pets.
  5. RubytheKatt

    RubytheKatt Space Spelunker

    Okay, cool! Thanks for replying!
  6. Sugar-Fable

    Sugar-Fable Phantasmal Quasar

    So I'm not sure if this is the right place for this since I'm not sure this mod is causing it, but I started a file with this mod and bought the snugget house. But now every time I enter my ship I have another snugget! I was up to 8 last check. For now it's not a big deal but soon I'll be overrun...
  7. The | Suit

    The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

    Its a known bug in the game, use the pet trap to remove extras
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  8. Sugar-Fable

    Sugar-Fable Phantasmal Quasar

    I'll try it thanks!
  9. Hubnester

    Hubnester Pangalactic Porcupine

    Hi, i'm planning on making some craftable pets for the new BYOS system added to Frackin Universe and was wandering if you would be fine with this (since it's similar to what this mod does). nvm i just noticed the permissions on the mod page. Also it looks like I managed to make it not duplicate the pets. nvm looks like it might be something else
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  10. davoker

    davoker Cosmic Narwhal

    Ok, we have spoken by the comments of the workshop on the subject, to see if you can explain to me how to do what I wanted, if you do me the favor hehe
  11. The | Suit

    The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

    So if you go to my Github

    You will see how its setup

    Go to Objects -> Spawner
    So first you need to make a pethouse object and pethouse image
    These have to be new files you need to make.

    Then make sure the shipPetType matches the same name in the pet file
    Finally patch the Infinity express
  12. davoker

    davoker Cosmic Narwhal

    Mm, but all that you say is already done, I am seeing it in the files, the only thing that was necessary for it to come out in the store was to put the necessary code in the file "infinityexpress.object.patch":
    "op" : "add",
    "path" : "/interactData/items/-",
    "value" : { "item" : "pethouseOrbis" }
    With that it is already in the store to buy, but it does not stop buying it, it is not selectable, the changes that you say must be made are already in the files, or so I seem to see:

    The pethouseOrbis.object file:
      "objectName" : "pethouseOrbis",
      "rarity" : "Common",
      "printable" : false,
      "category" : "storage",
      "price" : 50000,
      "description" : "Just big enough for a small animal to fit comfortably inside",
      "shortdescription" : "Orbis Pet House",
      "race" : "generic",
      "inventoryIcon" : "pethouseOrbisIcon.png",
            "scripts" : [
      "scriptDelta" : 20,
        "shipPetType" : "petorbis",
      "orientations" : [
          "image" : "pethouse.png:green",
          "imagePosition" : [-8, 0],
          "direction" : "left",
          "flipImages" : true,
          "spaces" : [ [-1, 0], [0, 0], [1, 0], [-1, 1], [0, 1], [1, 1], [-1, 2], [0, 2], [1, 2] ],
          "anchors" : [ "bottom" ]
          "image" : "pethouse.png:green",
          "imagePosition" : [-8, 0],
          "direction" : "right",
          "spaces" : [ [-1, 0], [0, 0], [1, 0], [-1, 1], [0, 1], [1, 1], [-1, 2], [0, 2], [1, 2] ],
          "anchors" : [ "bottom" ]
    Everything seems correct apparently, from my ignorance of course hehe

    The question is that I can have the pet orbis whenever I want manually, I put it by default when starting the game for example, but what I wanted was to "buy" the pet in the store using your mod, and even activate it in the file and it appears in the store, it won't let me buy it, that's what I don't understand.
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  13. davoker

    davoker Cosmic Narwhal

    @The | Suit Nothing, I am still unable to buy the item, everything that has to be in the files is, unless something unknown is escaped me, it appears in the store correctly but like this:


    I can not buy it, this is using your mod of course, another rare thing I see, is that in the files it says that pets are worth 5000 and the pet Orbis specifically is worth 50,000, but in the game they are worth half, that is not It matters, but I can't understand why I can't buy the pet Orbis in the store, I have money to spare xD


    My God :cry:, I feel like a fool ... I didn't put what was worth 25,000 in the store (I had 127,000), I put it was worth 250,000, that's why I couldn't buy it, I had activated it correctly hahaha :lickitung:

    The pet can be killed, it is configured as "enemy", but that is easy to change, sorry for all the inconvenience!


    Ok I see the problem, I know why you removed it so that it was not bought, the pet can be killed and you cannot change that, if you put the pet "by default at the beginning of the game" this does not happen, but if you buy it is the same as an enemy, I see no way to change this, at least xD

    Edit3(sorry xD):

    Ok I have solved the problem, I have only had to see how the other pets work, they are configured as "ghostly" (I think I am understanding this well, I think xD), this line has the pet crasberry:

    "damageTeamType": "ghostly",

    This line does not have the Pet Orbis, so I just had to add a file to the mod with that same line (.patch file) like so:

        "op": "add",
        "path": "/baseParameters/damageTeamType",
        "value": "ghostly"
    I had to add a folder and a file to the mod in this like so:

    monsters \ pets \ orbis \ petorbis.monstertype.patch

    With the code above, now the pet (if I am understanding correctly) would be a ghost type? and you can no longer kill, in any case now everything works correctly, it is added to the store, you can remove and remove the pet correctly and you can no longer "kill" xD
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