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PS4 online game desync issue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by drago10029, Sep 28, 2016.


My risk of rain online matches on ps4 desync

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  1. drago10029

    drago10029 Intergalactic Tourist


    So like the title says. When I play online games, my game sessions will desync 50% of the time. What I mean is...

    1. The other person I'm playing with will show up as dead on my screen but actually still be alive.
    2. Out of no where, the second player will seem to be jump randomly in areas that don't make sense and when I ask what they're doing?!?! they say that I'm also randomly jumping and I'll discover were they've moved on to a new level and I'm in the old level.
    3. The session will seemingly crash while I host but the other player will still be playing in the same session we started.

    I don't know why this happens honestly. i read that risk of rain PS4 uses dedicated servers. Also my internet connection is pretty fast/low latency nad I play wired only.

    I think I made my point, clear. if you google search risk of rain desync you'll find that others are experiencing the issues too. Hopoo Games, when will a patch be released so that online can become playable again? who else is getting this? thanks.
    • drago10029

      drago10029 Intergalactic Tourist

      Anyone?? would really love actually play the game I paid money for :nurusad:

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