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Bug/Issue PS4 - kegs getting destroyed outside the farm

Discussion in 'Support' started by Fizzlwizzl, Jul 30, 2018.

  1. Fizzlwizzl

    Fizzlwizzl Yeah, You!


    I placed approximately 70 kegs on the map next to the bus stop (between tunnel and bus stop). They worked for a lot of cycles (coffee, wine) but yesterday the kegs got destroyed when I wanted to take out the wine. They just disappear and shatter (I don't get the kegs back) whenever I click on them. I didn't use any tools (had just new berries in my hand to refill the kegs).

    No villagers are using that map / part of the map.

    There are no torches or any other items placed next to my kegs.

    I can reload the day it occurred the first time but the problem is consistent. Kegs in the tunnel are not affected.

    I play on the PS4, mountain farm. 2nd year, winter.

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    • Fizzlwizzl

      Fizzlwizzl Yeah, You!

      The issue might be that I placed too many kegs in this map? I had - for a long time - exactly 60 kegs and everything was fine. The problem occurred after raising the number to 70+, but that might just be a coincidence again... On PC I never had any problems but the old "torch was close to a chest" bug, that is fixed by now, as far as I know.
      • Fizzlwizzl

        Fizzlwizzl Yeah, You!

        I solved the problem meanwhile, so here's what I did (maybe it helps someone else):

        The problem was the number of kegs on the map! I reduced from 70 to exactly 60. Then I went sleeping and on the next day the 60 remaining kegs could be emptied without any problems again. So that was also the reason, why everything was fine for a lot of cycles (because I didn't have 70 kegs back than, but below 60).

        So maybe this helps to fix the bug, or just don't be as greedy as I was with my 70 kegs on the road approach. :)

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