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WIP Protectors Arsenal Mod (lorefriendly weapons) | DevLog

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by BurningPixels, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. BurningPixels

    BurningPixels Master Chief

    Hello Fellow Protectors!
    ever missed that little bit of extra OOMPH that Protectorate wepons had back before the ruin cracked Terra like an egg?
    well this is what i want to bring back! PROTECTORS ARSENAL is a mod that adds a new craftingtable that gives you full acces to weaponcrafting that is related to Protectorate technologies. remember this mod is still beeing made!
    this is the new craftingtable.

    after completing the echirus facility your character finds a very damaged version of the standardissue highenergy assultrifle of the protectorate. this weapon can be restored by baron later on in the game just like your "Protectors sword". this will also unlock the Protectors arsenal, a workbench that enables you to craft 11 new grenades and modify the assultrifle in exchange for rare resources and components to your hearts desiered wepon. (this process can always be reversed to the regular rifle)

    these are the upgrades used to modify the base weapon!

    we already have sprites for all of this content. all that is missing now it that our programmer needs to put it all together.


    now i need YOUR HELP. it would be amazing if you guys could take a look of these weapons stats and tell me and my mates what is off or what is just right! (keep in mind that these weapons are supposed to be top-of-the-line legendary weapons that are supposed to be the best of their kind yet not TOO strong)


    Broken P.A.R. (Broken Protectors Assultrifle)
    dmg: 2
    rof: 5.4
    eps: 5,7
    altfire: Hot shot (boost energyconsumption and rate of fire by 30%)

    P.A.R. (Protectors Assultrifle)
    dmg: 7
    rof: 8
    eps: 4,6
    altfire: Elite shot (boost energyconsumption 10% and rate of fire by 30%)
    Buildrequirement: 10 violiumbars, 10 aegisaltbars, 10feroziumbars, 1 Upgrademodul

    P.R.G. (Protectors Railgun)
    dmg: 57,7
    rof: 0,8
    eps: 20
    altfire: Ghostshells (penetrates 10 enemys)
    Buildrequirement: Sniper's scope, 1 Upgrademodul

    P.S.G. (Protectors Shotgun)
    dmg: 20
    rof: 2
    eps: 10.8
    altfire: Uncharged Coils (random elemental effect)
    Buildrequirement: Twincoils , 1 Upgrademodul

    P.R.L. (Protectors Rocketlauncher)
    dmg: 55,5
    rof: 1
    eps: 60
    altfire: Heatscan (homing rocket)
    Buildrequirement: Heavymachinery , 1 Upgrademodul

    P.H.G. (Protectors Handgun)
    dmg: 17
    rof: 1,5
    eps: 10.8
    altfire: Gunslinger (trippelshots for 50% more energy)

    P.P.T. (Protectors Plasmathrower)
    dmg: 3
    rof: 10
    eps: 20.5
    altfire: Expanding Fuel (+50% range while active but +20% energydrain)
    Buildrequirement: Plasma-containmentunit , 1 Upgrademodul

    P.M.G. (Protectors Minigun)
    dmg: 2.5
    rof: 17
    eps: 0.9
    altfire: Overcharged Barrels (+20% dmg but more spread)
    Buildrequirement: Linkedbarrels , 1 Upgrademodul

    P.G.L. (Protectors Grenadelauncher)
    dmg: 40
    rof: 1,1
    eps: 38
    altfire: Barrage (fires 8 grenades but drains half of your total energy as you do so)
    Buildrequirement: Ammodrum , 1 Upgrademodul

    P.T.S. (Protectors Teslastaff)
    dmg: 30
    eps: 50%
    Basefire: Rightousfire (energy projectile with explosive impact)
    altfire: Teslaszone (area is affected by electro dots that stay for 8 seconds)
    Buildrequirement: Teslaroutingsystems , 1 Upgrademodul

    a little sneakpeek at a protectors weapon.

    Protectors Grenades
    Caustic Grenade: leaves behind gas and poison. dosn't smell good too.
    (1 poison, 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)

    Plasma Grenade: does high damage to enemys. hot hot plasma baby!
    (1 diamond, 2 copperwire , 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)

    Hydrogen Grenade: Instantly freezes enemys for 3.5s. pretty cool.
    (5 iceblocks, 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)

    Grav-nade: Pulls enemys closer for 3s and explodes. pretty catchy.
    (2 crystal erchius, 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)

    Anti Grav-nade: nullifys gravity for affected enemys for 5 seconds. time to practice your aim!
    (2 liquid erchius, 1 moonrock, 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)

    Split Grenade: explodes, splits into 6 smaller grenades and explodes... again!
    ( 6 ironbars, 6 Volatile Powder)

    Phosphorous grenade: bright lightflash that blinds enemys for 3.5s. brilliant!
    (1 mushroom, 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)

    Napalm Grenade: spreads fire like a molotov but in a larger area. 7/10 humans love this smell in the morning!
    ( 4 lava, 1 scorched core, 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)

    Telegrenade: explodes and teleports the user to its position. to get really close and pesky.
    ( 1 stick of ram, 3 AA-Battery, 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)

    Fraggrenade: a regular framentation grenade. gives most people a splitting headache.
    (3 ironbars, 3 Volatile Powder)

    Protectors Medicalgrenade: heals friendly targets for 100 hp over 10 seconds and can be refueld. better aim that throw well.
    (2 salve, 2 ironbars, 1 Volatile Powder)
    Refilling: (Protectors empty medicalgrenade and 2 salve)

    graphic artist:
    sound engineer: VinyalZap

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