Proposing to two villagers? - Mermaid pendant glitch

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If you could marry two villagers at once, would you?

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  1. Leludar

    Leludar Title Not Found

    OKAY SO-
    I was gonna propose to my girl Maru right?
    So I bought a mermaid pendant and proposed, she said yes and everything went well.


    So it's all fine. BUT THEN- I went back to the ol' fisherman just to confirm that he'll say:''I'm glad the pendant worked out for ya miss''

    BUT. He didn't! He offered me the mermaid pendant AGAIN.
    Confused I looked to my relationship status and it didn't say Maru and I we're engaged. So I thought the first pendant perhaps didn't work? So I bought it again and wanted to gift it too Maru again expecting the same reaction- except she didn't!

    This brought up many questions of course-

    1) Will I still marry her?
    2) Can you now buy Mermaid Pendants whenever you want without having to divorce first?
    3) If there is dialogue to this- will other villagers say the same when I ask them to marry despite already being married?

    The next day I talked to Maru again and again she said this-


    I waited the full 3 days and yes, we got married!

    But now I still have an extra mermaid pendant laying around-
    So now I want to see what will happen if I propose to ANOTHER villager! Will it be the same dialogue Maru had or will there be a glitch and will I be married to two villagers? It's most likely the first option but still. :yeahhhh:

    Is this a new update to the game? Has this happened to anyone else?
    Let me know!
    • Reneeisxena

      Reneeisxena Big Damn Hero

      This is fascinating. I can't imagine it would let you marry two but who knows. I would really love to see this. I'm on my second farm and I am not sure if I want to get married. At the moment the most eligible one is Sebastian, I have 8 hearts with him and he seems the most likely choice. On my first farm I married Harvey and while there wasn't any problems it was kind of pointless. He would occasionally say he fed the animals, even though I have automatic feeders and he would repair fences. He also makes breakfast occasionally. At least he leaves most days to go to work so he's not underfoot. I have heard that some of the others never leave the farm and really don't do anything.
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      • Minimanta

        Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

        Interesting that you got two from a bug, I've only seen the youtuber DangerouslyFunny play around with extra mermaids pendants he cheated in, never heard about this bug!
        And no, it's not possible to propose to two villagers, the first one will accept (assuming you're at max hearts of course) and the second one will then reject you, like Maru did here.
        Also, if you try to propose to other villagers than the elligable marriage candidates, they'll have a different type of dialoge but I forgot what exactly they say.
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        • Sventex

          Sventex Pangalactic Porcupine

          I decided to use this bug and tried proposing to my wife the day we got married. She didn't like that. I guess one honeymoon is all she can handle.

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          • Leludar

            Leludar Title Not Found

            • Leludar

              Leludar Title Not Found

              I messed around with it and you are correct, they'll just reject me </3
              I actually did want to check how non marriage candidates would react! But I didn't in case they'd actually accept the pendant as a gift, guess I'll check it out after all!

              No polygamy life for me, would've been perfect considering I named my farm ''Harem farm'' :disshappy:


              It's interesting that they input this rejection dialogue in case of a pendant bug though!
              • Leludar

                Leludar Title Not Found

                Yeah if you'd ask me the most fun part of the marriage candidates are gifting them and getting to see their cutscenes. Usually as soon as I'm married to one of them I get bored quickly, SO. At some point I'll probably divorce Maru to spice things up. I already have my eyes set for Leah :yeahhhh:

                I am also on my second farm ~

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